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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series

Family and Research

On the strategic level, the IRTG 1792 makes jobs in science and academia more family-friendly and is constantly working to maintain a sustainable work-life balance. The IRTG implements a lot of measures to promote the reconciliation of family and a research career.

Family Office

The HUB, Freie Universität Berlin and the Technische Universität Berlin have established Family Offices. In collaboration with the IRTG 1792, these serve as central points of contact for all questions regarding the combination of job/studies and family life and offer assistance in the organization of both regular child care services (nurseries, day-care centres, babysitting, etc.) and short-term ones (child care in case of child's illness or professional events in the evening hours or weekends that standard child care is unable to accommodate). Support and advice are given when researchers are searching for individual solutions regarding their family, studies and career or if they are taking care of relatives.

Parent-Child room

On 13th November 2014 the parent-child room was opened in the main building of the HU. The room was partially financed by the IRTG 1792 and CRC 649.

Since autumn 2015 the third parent-child room, located in the WiWi faculty of the HU, has been opened.


 Through a cooperation with SOCIUS - die Bildungspartner it is now possible to support the employees of the IRTG 1792 with childcare services − KidsMobil. In the event of a child's illness, a certified carer will look after the child directly in the parental home. KidsMobil takes care of children from the age of 4 months up to 14 years. The care can take place on any day and at any time and also at short notice.

During the annual our conferences the supervision of children may be carried out with the help of the child care services of KidsMobile.

What does KidsMobil childcare services provide?

  • Certified and experienced child care staff
  • Taking care of a child in a parental home or parent-child room, during conferences and professional events in the evening hours or on weekends or when the child is ill

In which situations can you use them?

  • If your child is aged 4 months to 14 years
  • During conferences and professional events in the evening hours or on weekends or when your child is ill
  • If there is a strike by daycare employees or if the daycare facility is closed during your regular working hours (not holidays)

How to apply?

Make use of the service!

Compensation for absence or reduced hours of project research

In the event of family-related absences, such as parental leave or dependent care, principal investigators on parental leave have the option to be relieved from project-specific routine tasks by qualified temporary support staff.

Home Office

The IRTG 1792 supports principal investigators and highly qualified researchers who are on parental leave by establishing and operating home offices. Support such as this for our researchers is an important investment in the compatibility of family and science and should form a family-friendly research atmosphere for women into the future.