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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series

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Research Workshop in Xiamen

23.03.2017. Joint Research Cooperation yielding vast insight and numerous new results

Research Workshop in Xiamen - Mehr…

Doctorate Degree for IRTG student

07.02.2017. Lei Fang, the former IRTG Manager, successfully finished her doctoral studies on "Mortality Models and Longevity Risk". Congratulations!

Another Dr. among us

06.02.2017. Franziska Schulz, IRTG PhD student, ended her doctoral study on "Probabilistic Models in Energy Finance" with a brilliant defense with Summa Cum Laude. Congratulations!

IRTG conference concludes in Haindorf

24.01.2017. This year the Haindorf conference has attracted speakers and short course lecturers from Charles University in Prague (CZ), National Taiwan University (TW) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US). The snowy hills of Haindorf created a warm and productive athmosphere indeed! Thanks to Lenka Zbonakova, IRTG PhD student, for the great organization!

First IRTG student receives doctorate

20.01.2017. Sergey Nasekin, IRTG PhD student, defended his PhD dissertation on "Dynamic Dimension Reduction for Financial Applications" with Summa Cum Laude. Congratulations!

Paper accepted to JAM

13.01.2017. The paper "Tail Event Driven Asset Allocation: evidence from equity and mutual funds' markets" by W.K. Härdle, S. Nasekin and A. Petukhina was accepted to the Journal of Asset Management"

New IRTG Managing Director

01.01.2017 Alona Zharova to be new IRTG Managing Director starting from 1.1.2017. Welcome to the