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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

International Students

Welcome to the International Office website for international students. We are pleased that you have selected the School of Business and Economics at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) for your studies and are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin.

These pages are a good starting point for planning your stay in Berlin. The team at the International Office is here to help you with any kind of question you might have. Send us an email or stop by the office to ask questions or to find out useful information about current events happening in the School. We look forward to greeting you in our office.


Check out our International Students Handbook

***Information for International Students WiSe 20/21***


Video tutorial for incoming exchange students: Winter Semster 2020-21



Infosheet - Beginning of Studies

Infosheet - Steps to Matriculation

Infoblatt - Info zum Studienstart

Infoblatt - Schritte zur Immatrikulation




HU's International Offices

To avoid some confusion right in the beginning: The HU has several offices that deal with international students. You are right now reading the webpages of the International Office at the School of Business and Economics, also called "Wiwi (= Wirtschaftswissenschaften = Business and Economics) International Office. We are here to help all exchange and degree students with questions concerning studying at the School of Business and Economics. The other office for international students that you will probably deal with, is the central International Office. They are responsible for international students from all subject areas, questions concerning enrollment and other more general issues. The central International Office offers a comprehensive guide for international students: Wegweiser (or in English). You can find additional information at their webpage.



To get through admissions successfully will be your first step towards becoming a part of the HU experience. To help you along the way, you can find important information on all the necessary steps you need to make on the following sites.

From mandatory language requirements to application portals, you will have all the relevant links right at arm's length. Start by getting some general information about the HU and then choose - according to your status as an exchange or degree student. As always, the Wiwi International Office will be here to help you if you may encounter any issues.



Not surprisingly, you will spend a lot of your time doing what you came here for, i.e. studying. There are quite a few facilities at the HU that will make your student life easier and your studies more efficient. It all starts with your course selection, obviously. Then you should probably also know about the little timing differences in the German academic calendar, which may vary widely from what you are used to in your home country.

Unfortunately, you will also need to write exams at the end of the term. Below you will find some information on how to decide whether you are eligable for them and how to find out when and where they take place. If this is not enough for you, you may also choose to learn German or another foreign language at the "Sprachenzentrum" (language center). Just follow the links below and you will have a good start on getting to know how to survive student life at the Humboldt-Universität.



The School of Business and Economics prides itself not only on academic excellence but also on producing well-rounded graduates. Therefore, with roughly one third of our student body coming from abroad, the "Humboldt Family" is one of the most important anchors we offer our students. The way we help you to succeed within this program is by providing a good study/social life balance in the city of Berlin. Germany’s capital is one of the most exciting cities in the world and no doubt has something to offer everyone who comes. As course work can be quite intense, our students organize social activities to make sure you have ample opportunities to unwind with your fellow classmates. Assimilation into university life is an important first step towards succeeding in the program and every effort is made to ensure an easy integration into the school, the university, and the city.


About the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is an internationally renowned university, with a reputation as an excellent university. With most of its faculties located in the city center, the HU is the oldest university in Berlin and was originally founded as the University of Berlin in October of 1810. Since its foundation, twenty-nine Nobel Laureates have been associated with the University. In an international comparison, the HU ranks among the top ten German universities. Scientists here focus on socially relevant topics and challenges of the future and communicate these with the public. The HU invests all its energy in being a place of excellent research and teaching. Its aim is to promote young talents and to positively influence the society and economy outside the university framework. For more information, see www.hu-berlin.de/ueberblick-en

Every year over 5,000 young people decide to embark on their studies at Humboldt-Universität in the heart of Berlin. There is hardly any other place where they can choose from the same variety: 185 degree courses – among them 21 international Master's with lectures and seminars held in English.

An informal way to get an impression of the university and to keep track of what’s going on is to visit our facebook page or take the virtual tour: tour.hu-berlin.de

More in-depth information about the HU is listed here: www.hu-berlin.de/ueberblick-en


About the School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics is located near Hackescher Markt, just around the corner from the spectacular street Unter den Linden, where the University's main building is situated. It was created through a merger of the "Berliner Handelshochschule" (Berlin School of Commerce, foundet 1904) and the "Staatswissenschaftlich-Statistischen Seminar" (Institute for Statistics, foundet 1886) of the HU (back then it was called Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität). The grand opening of the School was on October 27th in 1906 and since that day, there has been uninterrupted scientific research and learning in these hallowed halls.

The School also boasts a stunning Chapel, the Heilig-Geist-Kapelle – built in the 13th century and is rumored to be the oldest standing building in all of Berlin. There is still access to the Chapel to this day, and often guest lectures are held there.

The School is steeped in tradition, and finds its scientificly (mathematical) based academic approach from some of the great names that have attended the University, including Nobel prize winner Laureate Wassily Leontief. Our tradition is fundamental to us, but we also stay current with the times, which is reflected in an extensive refurbishment of the School. Studying in a building with such tradition, accompanied by modern comforts, creates a wonderful experience. We hope to welcome you to our faculty soon.

You can get more information here:

Institutional Fact Sheet

Arrival and Survival Guide for International Students


About Berlin - the international perspective

Berlin inspires – as a creative metropolis, as a start-up hub, as a place for innovative technology and science. Berlin is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Germany, and the Humboldt-Universität is one of the key players for education and research.

The 620,000 registered foreigners in Berlin make up 16.5 percent of Berlin’s total population. The city is a long way ahead of the German average (8.9  percent of total population). According to the marketing agency "Berlin Partner", 186 different nationalities reside in the city. This is not only reflected in the multicultural cityscape but also within the university. With 33 percent of its students not being German citizens, Humboldt-Universität's School of Business and Economics is an extremly diverse and vibrant study hub.

More information for new residents of the city can be found at www.businesslocationcenter.de/welcome




Office hours: www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/international/staff

ElisaIncoming Exchange Student Tutor:
So Jung Lee

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Information Tutor for Degree Students:

Peiqi Zhu

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