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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Admission as an exchange student

Video Tutorial for Incoming Students


https://www.dsh-germany.com/We are glad that you are considering the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for your studies abroad! This page gives some information about the application, enrollment and all the administrative steps you need to do before your excahnge experience can start. Read this information carefully - it will help make your stay at Humboldt a success!!


Contents of this page:

  1. Getting an nomination for studies at Humboldt

  2. Quantivate approach at HU

  3. Language Requirements for Bachelor students

  4. Language Requirements for Master students

  5. Application as an exchange student

  6. Enrollment

  7. Welcome Weeks

  8. Extension of stay


For more information on exchange programs, application and much more see here: www.international.hu-berlin.de


Getting an nomination for studies at Humboldt

Eligibility of students for exchange studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is based on a partnership created between the student's home university and Humboldt-Universität.

Please note that all students striving for an exchange semester at Humboldt-Universität must apply through their home university. If an exchange agreement does not exist between your university and Humboldt-Universität, you are not eligible for admission as an exchange student. Furthermore, we do not accept any student without an official nomination of their domestic supervisor. Please contact the international relations office of your university for more information.

Usually, students on exchange programs stay at Humboldt-Universität for one or two semesters without the option of obtaining a Humboldt degree. Once you have been nominated by your domestic supervisor we will get in touch with you to provide detailed information about the online application procedure. Please meet the deadline for the registration; otherwise you cannot be enrolled to study at Humboldt-Universität!


Deadlines for application
  • Winter Semester and Academic Year: April 15 – May 31
  • Summer Semester: October 15 – November 30

These dates are subject to change, so make sure to have a look at our website for the updated deadlines. Please also make sure to complete your application inside these dates, otherwise you cannot be admitted to HU.


Quantitative Approach at the School of Business and Economics

The courses at the School of Business and Economics have a strong emphasis on imparting rigorous and quantitative methods of economic analysis and management science. Make sure that you possess a strong background in Mathematics! If you have taken statistics, calculus, algebra, economics, or any other advanced math courses, your profile will suit our programs.

For Bachelor students, we offer an *orientation test* in German. With this self-check you can test your current maths skills. The test is designed for students that are interested in studying a full degree here, but it can also give you good hints and recommendations. The test is neither compulsory nor do the results affect your admission here! It is a mere orienation for you!



Language Requirements for Bachelor students

It is absolutely vital for Bachelor students to have a good command of German language if studies at Humboldt are to be successful. Most of the courses for the undergraduate students are taught in German! Don't be afraid, even if the course is held in German, students may take the exam in English.

During the application procedure, students have to take an online language test called "C-Test" (FREE OF CHARGE!) This test is a possible accepted German certificate.  

  • Minimum Score: 61 points (out of 100), equivalent to B2-level in the CEFR
  • Applicants who scored 50-60 points will be required to take an intensive German language course before the term starts (e.g. Intensive Language course at HU).
  • If the student does not achieve at least ≥ 61 points afterwards, there is no opportunity to be enrolled at HU.

For a rough orientation on what the C-Test score corresponds to in the CEFR framework, take a look at the Sprachenzentrum's page: www.sprachenzentrum.hu-berlin.de/studium_und_lehre/kursangebot/beschreibung_der_stufen.htm


We also accept the following German certificates:

  • Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOB)
  • kleines deutsches Sprachdiplom (KDS)
  • Großes deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS)
  • Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang - DSH
  • Deutsch als Fremdsprache - TestDaF


In certain cases (please contact us - only possible with special permit!) we can deviate from the strict German language requirement. We offer about 5-10 courses in English for Bachelor students, which limits the choice of courses dramatically!

Please note that this is an exceptional rule that does not apply automatically. You will be only able to use this option if you are advanced in your studies and if we agreed on a special case permit prior to your application.

So, especially if students are required to do a certain amount of credits, this may force them to take Master-level courses. These will obviously be more demanding.

For Bachelor students who have the permission to take English classes only, the same language requirements as for Master students apply (see below). Furthermore, a confirmation of your home coordinator that you are allowed to follow master coures is needed!

Our German Lanaguage course is open to all exchange students coming to Humboldt: https://www.sprachenzentrum.hu-berlin.de/en/erasmus-deutsch-intensivkurse-en/

Language Requirements for Master students

Master students need to be comfortable in English at C1 level or higher, since about 90 per cent of the Master courses are taught in English.

We accept the following tests with according minimum scores:

  • Online assessment test during the online application process (see below). The score should be equivalent to C1-level (min. 81 Points!). (FREE OF CHARGE!)
  • IELTS academic test result of at least 7.0
  • TOEFL iBT test result of at least 100
  • Cambrigde Advanced English (CAE)

For a rough orientation on what the C-Test score corresponds to in the CEFR framework, take a look at the Sprachenzentrum's page: www.sprachenzentrum.hu-berlin.de/studium_und_lehre/kursangebot/beschreibung_der_stufen.htm


Application as an exchange student

After being nominated by your home university for an exchange at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, you will need to do the online application with us.

How to apply online for the exchange program: A step-by-step guide


Create an account via the online application platform MoveOn while opening the following link

 - Erasmus/European Union: https://huberlin.moveon4.de/form/5abc0a2383fb96306eb4a3d8/eng

- Direct exchange agreement with the School of Business and Economics beyond the Erasmus program: https://huberlin.moveon4.de/form/5ae9acd383fb96d31ed49657/eng


  1. Submit your data in the application system (password change, name, address, home university etc.)
  2. Choose the program of studies you'd like to be enrolled in (Economics or Business Administration). While you should enroll in the field closest to your major at your home university, the field you choose will not impact your course selection at the School of Business and Economics
  3. Language proof
    • Bachelor: Enter the result of the German language test (C-Test)
    • Master: Enter the result of the English language test (C-Test) or Choose “English classes only” and send a proof (Certificate) of English via e-mail to incomings-wiwi@hu-berlin.de
  4. Please check all your data before submitting your online application
  5. Only for ERASMUS applicants
    • Up to four weeks after submitting the application, you will receive an E-Mail with a nomination form
    • Print the nomination form and get your home university coordinator to sign and stamp it.
    • Send the signed nomination form back via E-Mail to the address mentioned at the nomination form


The confirmation of acceptance at HU will be send to you to the following dates:

  • for winter semester: until the end of July
  • for summer semester: until the end of January

You should print it out and keep it, as you will need it for your enrollment and possibly your visa. Your personal appointment for the enrollment is stated on the second page of the document. Be aware that HU welcomes hundreds of students each semester, so it might take some time for this document to reach you.


Problems? Questions?
For all problems and questions concerning the online application system or the general application process, please contact the ERASMUS Incoming Team:

  • Email: incomings-wiwi@hu-berlin.de
  • Tel. (+49 30) 20 93- 46 720



Please note that it is absolutely necessary for you to be present at Humboldt on your personal matriculation date! Enrollment after the deadline is NOT possible!


You can find information about the documents required for enrollment at the webpage of the central international office: https://www.international.hu-berlin.de/en/studierende/aus-dem-ausland/erasmus_europe/enrolment


Some tips and helpful insights:

  • There will be representatives of German public health insurance providers present at the enrollment day
  • If you need a visa: Check the infos at our visa section
  • The semester fee is not a tuition fee! Most of the semester fee (about 200 EUR) goes towards the transportation ticket. The ticket is valid for 6 months, the whole ABC area and you are allowed to take you bike on trains. A comparable monthly ticket would be more than 80 EUR monthly! (check www.bvg.de)
  • You should book the appointment at the Bürgeramt (local registration office) in advance - maybe even weeks/month in advance. It does not matter to which office you'll go. Even if you'll live in Kreuzberg, you can use the office in Reineckendorf (see www.berlin.de/verwaltungsfuehrer/buergerberatung)
  • Make sure, HU has some postal adress of you in Berlin - we will send you some important documents in the first weeks.


For students planning to stay for the whole academic year: Please note that you have to re-register for the following semester if you plan to study at the Humboldt-Universität for two semesters. You do not have to take all the above steps again, you just need to pay the registration fee again. The deadline for your re-registration and the paying details are stated on your student’s pass (the "green letter" you'll receive by the beginning of the winter term).



Extension of stay

Exchange students enrolled for the winter term at Humboldt-Universität may prolong their stay for the summer term.

Acceptance cannot be guaranteed and depends, first, on if there are still places available in the bilateral agreements with the home universities, and then as well on our capacity constraints. If you are considering to apply for one further semester, please fill out the Verlängerungsantrag für Studierende and return it to the International Office no later than 15th of December. The home coordinator must also send us an e-mail stating that from their side it is fine.

If your prolongiation is succesfull, please do not forget to pay the Rückmeldegebühr untill the 15th of February at the latest (deadline of regular period), or by 28 February at the latest incurring an additional charge of 20 Euros (deadline for late submissions).

  • ERASMUS students enrolled for the Summer Semester at Humboldt-Universität cannot prolong their stay within the framework of ERASMUS for another semester.
  • Exceptions: Bachelor and Master students writing their final thesis and those who for academic reasons could not conclude the project they carry out at Humboldt within one semester are exempted from the general regulation. They are requested to personally explain the reasons for the necessary prolongation to the University ERASMUS Co-Ordinator, Dr. Dietmar Buchmann, with supportive reports by the ERASMUS Co-Ordinator of the faculty and the staff member who tutors the project having to be presented.
  • PhD students can prolong their studies for a maximum of one year, whether they started their studies at Humboldt in the Winter Semester or in the Summer Semester. But they are also required to file an application (Verlängerungsantrag für Promovierende) by 15 February (deadline of regular period) for the subsequent Summer Semester or by 15 July for the subsequent Winter Semester (deadlines of late submissions incurring an additional charge of 20 Euros are 28 February and 31 July).
  • Please contact us promptly: incomings-wiwi[at]hu-berlin.de