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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin -

Academic Calendar

The academic year at Humboldt-Universität is divided into two semesters. The lectures of winter term start in the middle of October and end at the end of February. The summer semester's lectures run between mid April to mid July.

After the end of the semesters written exams take place. The time periods for examinations vary. So please plan for at least three additional weeks at Humboldt-Universität if you would like to participate in the examinations. Before the official start of the semester, some interesting events are organized in which you may wish to take part. Around two weeks before the official beginning of the semester the enrollment at the Humboldt-Universität takes place (you will receive a letter of acceptance with a specific date). Therefore you should plan to arrive in Berlin at least two weeks before the semester starts.


Academic Calendar 2018/19

  Winter term Summer term
Lectures 15.10.2018-16.02.2019 08.04.-13.07.2019
Academic holidays 22.12.2018-05.01.2019 19.04., 22.04., 01.05., 30.05., 10.06.2019




Examination registration

tba - see here

tba - see here

Re-registration enrollment

01.06. – 15.07.2018

07.01. – 15.02.2019

Re-registration enrollment - period of grace

16.07. – 31.07.2018

16.02. – 28.02.2019

Dates for degree students
Application deadline Bachelor's degree 15.07.2018 no Intake
Application deadline Master's degree 31.05.2018 no Intake
Application deadline Master's degree MEMS 31.03.2018 no Intake
Enrollment September 2018 no Intake
Orientation Weeks 27.09.-15.10.2018 no Intake
Application for semester leave 01.06.-12.11.2018 07.01.-13.05.2019
Dates for exchange students
Nomination deadline for partner institutions



Application period

01.04. – 31.05.2018

01.10. - 30.11.2018

Application deadline for dormitories 31.05.2018 30.11.2018
Application deadline for intensive language course 15.06.2018 15.02.2019
Intensive language course September 2018 March 2019

End of September 2018 (personal appointment!)

End of March 2019
(personal appointment!)
Orientation Weeks 27.09.-15.10.2018


Deadline for extension 15.12.2018 not possible