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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Student Life

Since roughly one third of our student body comes from abroad, the "HU Family" is one of the most important anchors we offer our students. Between the all-encompassing orienation and integration program we organize prior to each winter semester and the continuing social activities throughout the year, you are sure to feel like a welcome member of the family. As course work can be quite intense, we even supply a Social Activities Tutor (financed by the Marga und Kurt Möllgaard-Stiftung) to make sure you have ample opportunities to unwind with your fellow classmates. Assimilation into university life is an important first step towards succeeding in the program and every effort is made to ensure an easy integration into the school, the university, and the city. Besides being available to students almost every day of the week for questions concerning just about anything, the International Office team also supplies its students with a variety of social events, many of which are organized by the students themselves.

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Events from students for students

The HU prides itself not only on academic excellence but also on producing well-rounded graduates. One of the main ways we help you achieve this is by providing a good study/social life. Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world and will no doubt have something to offer everyone who comes. Sroll down to find out more information about the different events we already organized for you during the past month and years.

Participation at upcoming events is open to all German and international students at the School of Business and Economics. Stay updated! Join one of the Facebook groups, contact our staff, and look out for postings for more details. Usually, you will find information about dates, how-to-register and if there is a participation fee (of course at cost price).

HU Sports


As a HU student, you will have many opportunities to participate in sports activities. The “Hochschulsport” (university sports) offers a wide variety of sports courses for you to participate in and meet other people. They are not graded and won’t earn you any credit points, so they are just here for some fun outside of class.

In order to take part in a sports course, you should register online and make sure that you pay the fee within three days (if not, your reservation will be canceled). The fees are however relatively low, even for students. A lot of courses tend to get booked very fast, so be there early. Registration is held online towards the start of each semester.

Aerobics, Aikido, Aqua Fitness, Tango, Badminton, Ballet, Basketball, Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Ice Skating, Ultimate Frisbee, Good Morning Workout, Indoor Hockey, Handball, Judo, Karate, Climbing, Pilates, Qi Gong, Qwan-Ki-Do, Rowing, Rugby, Salsa, Chess, Sailing, Step Aerobics, Taekwondo, Diving, Tennis, Thai Kick Bo, Windsurfing, Yoga... and many many more!!!!

See www.zeh.hu-berlin.de


MusicPlaying an instument? Interested in taking part at one of the HU's many institutions?

  • Chamber Choir of Humboldt-Universität
  • Humboldt Student Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Symphony Orchestra of Humboldt-Universität
  • Humboldt Philharmonic Choir
  • Choir of Humboldt-Universität
  • Capella Academica

Rehearsal times and contacts see International Students Guide and www.musikundmedien.hu-berlin.de/umd

Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night SS2012Give a group of students a couple microphones, a 150,000+ song list, and a lot of encouragement from friends and there's no telling what they'll do. At our second Karaoke Night we had performances of "Summer Lovin'" from the Erasmus students, a killer rendition of the Beastie Boys' "Paul Revere" by one of our very own, and the winning performance of the night " " by one of our Portugese exchange students. The owners of the karaoke bar (Green Mango) actually deemed that night the best night of the year! Excellent work to all who came and participated!

International Buffet

International BuffetOnce a semester we host an International Buffet for the international students. On a Friday evening in May, the various intake classes came together to share foods from their respective home countries. We had a spread that included Bulgogi from South Korea, Dolma from Turkey, Kartoffelsalat from Germany, and Bangers 'N Mash from the UK to name a few. The atmosphere was perfect, from the classic jazz playing in the background, to the long, candle-lit table seating all of the students, to the banter amongst friends about the traditional food they prepared. Based on the rate at which it disappeared, we can safely award the Tiramisu from Italy as the unofficial winner of best dish; although, everyone that showed up to the event is a winner for leaving with a full belly of amazing international cuisine. 

The Erasmus Experience

Experience Erasmus The International Office held it's bi-annual Study Abroad Fair to promote the 66 partnerships we have with various universities in 22 countries as well as answer questions about the different programs. After the event, we hosted the first ever "Experience Erasmus" event, in which students that have taken part in an exchange program came to share stories about their time abroad. Interested students had the opportunity to learn from their peers about exchanges in Malaga, Istanbul, Ekaterinburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Linköping, Paris, and Lisbon, and talk one-on-one with them afterwards at a short reception with snacks and beverages.

Big Buddy Meeting

Big Buddy Meeting Launched in 2009, the Buddy Program held its first meeting of the summer semester. The program pairs a German student with an incoming exchange student at the beginning of each semester in order to help these students adjust to life in Berlin and to promote a cultural exchange between the two. While this event is titled as a "meeting", it's more of a social gathering of the Buddy pairs with several games and activities to foster a more team-building environment. The students enjoyed our newest game "Name That Song", which ended with a group of students giving us a lovely rendition of "Beautiful" by Akon in front of all 80 students. Keep studying guys; the music industry is a tough market to penetrate.

Erasmus Integration Trips

Erasmus Integration Dresden Each semester, the International Office takes 50 excited exchange students to a German city as the culminating event of Integration Week. In the past we’ve been to places such as Weimar, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Lübeck. This year we boarded a bus for the capital city of Saxony - Dresden - and enjoyed the first days of summer weather in Germany. Besides the delicious food and lively night life, the group took a tour of the Altstadt on Saturday afternoon, where we got to see the vast baroque and rococo architecture and hear the stories of the lavish three-week-long parties held in the palace. We knew the trip was a success by the quiet lull on the bus ride back to Berlin. Who knows where we'll end up next time!

Berlin Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt The International Office hosted its first ever  Scavenger Hunt during the Integration Weeks before the semester began. The success of the event was apparent on the faces of the students as they returned after 2.5 hours of wandering the city trying to solve the 30 clues that led them to various monuments, buildings, and unique items found only in Berlin. The clues varied from difficult ("Find where a German and a French have been standing across from each other for 300 years" - Gendarmenmarkt) to easy ("Find where 'Dem Deutschen Volke' is written" - Reichstag) to just plain fun ("Take a jumping photo of your entire group in front of the city entrance that is overlooked by four horses and Victoria (everybody's feet must be off the ground)" - Brandenburg Gate). At each site the students were required to take a picture to prove they went there; the video below illustrates these results. We look forward to doing this again with the next Incoming class!

Hertha BSC Football Game

Hertha Game One thing that many international students share in common is their love for football. Regardless, a group of excited football fans joined us on a Tuesday night in April to watch Hertha BSC battle SC Freiburg at the Olympic Stadium. Although Hertha BSC lost the match, we all had a laugh at the non-German speakers trying to cheer along with the fan section. Even if you’re not a fan of football, you should definitely take advantage of any opportunity to see the Olympic Stadium.

OrbisInternationaler Club "Orbis Humboldtianus"

"Orbis" - as the club is affectionately called by students - is a location where many international events of Humboldt-Universität are held, where international students can meet German students and where they can register for our various counselling services and cultural programs.

See www.international.hu-berlin.de/orbis


Stammtisch Every month, the international students gather at a local bar to unwind from the normal stresses of graduate school and catch up with friends and colleagues. The Stammtisch (a traditional get-together of friends on a weekly or monthly basis at a German beer hall) is a regular fixture of social life with the occasional visit from some of your professors. Don’t worry, they’ll be the first to prost you with a beer.

MEMS Euro Trip

Euro Trip Berlin has a lot to offer culturally, historically, and socially, but we also like to broaden our horizons and venture to other parts of Europe. Each spring, the students choose a city to visit for a weekend, where we learn about the culture, indulge in the local food, and of course, experience the nightlife. Previous trips include Rome, Barcelona, Prague and Budapest. Destination rocked in January 2013 was one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world and it was Naples. What is there to come in early 2014 is still unkown, but already tempting!

In the previous years it was a MEMS-only event but now we decided to open it up for every HU Wiwi student to take part!

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race While our annual finishing place for this summer ritual can range from second to dead last, the HU team always ranks first in entertainment. So get out your boat shoes, polish off your sunglasses, zinc up your nose, and get ready to paddle the dragon boat to victory with your classmates.

The Berlin Dragon Boat City cup usually takes place in the month of June.

Misc Events

Oktoberfest Our student body is diverse and thus, so are the activities. Ranging from trips to Oktoberfest, the theater, classical concerts, a night at the museum, mini-golf, soccer, or bowling tournaments, you’ll be sure to find something that interests you. Have an activity in mind? Tell the Social Activities Tutor and he/she will try to make it happen!

City Guides


Plan Your Own Event

While we in the office love planning events for everybody, it's hard to plan every single event that students want to do. Plus, we love when the students get involved and take charge of events on their own! For this reason, we have a couple of hints for those of you who are interested in organizing their own event!


First you will need to figure out the basics:

  • what sort of activity do you want to do?
  • approximately how many people do you hope to participate?
  • does the activity cost anything?


Once you have the answers to these questions, feel free to email the International Office Team to ask for further advice. Don't forget that you have Facebook groups, the MEMS page and the Wiwi International Office page at your disposal to start getting people interested. 


For events within the faculty, you will need to organize a room. The International Office is not in charge of room reservations, but we can point you in the right direction of your Ansprechspartner:

Head of Administration Ms Barbara Wöß


(030) 2093-5674

Spandauer Straße 1, Room 4


You will need to speak with Frau Wöß to figure out what dates which rooms are free and to formally reserve it.  To organize events like a movie night or game night here in the faculty, you can also talk to the StuRa to ask about using their common room in the cafe. 

If you want to organize a group sport game, then you will need to rent a sport hall. In this case, you should contact Herr Schatz from Hochschulsport. He is responsible for all sports and renting of the gym.