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MEMS Guidelines

Contents of this page

  1. Study Regulations
  2. Courses
  3. Master's Thesis
  4. Examinations and Tests


Study Regulations

You first need to be aware of the MEMS Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (study regulations). This document describes all the regulations that you need to fulfill in order to graduate in your specific degree. Again, this webpage just offers  a chummy explanation of the study regulations. You will also find which courses are mandatory for you, which courses will count as Electives and further options to complete your degree. It is essential to read and understand this document, which is available online. Some say this may be the greatest challenge to obtaining a university degree in Germany.




More information on the content of the courses can be found here:


In short, this is what is fixed in the Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (study regulations):

  • A minimum number of 120 credits, including 20 credits for the thesis, must be achieved in order to receive the degree of "M.Sc. in Economics and Management Science".
  • Each course at the School of Business and Economics is worth 6 credit points (the only exception is "Econometric Methods" with 12 credits).
  • Your final GPA will be calculated as a simple average of your grades. The 10 credits from Professional Skills and the 20 credits with the lowest grades from the other fields will not count towards your final grade. However, all grades will be displayed in your transcript of records. The following results will cont towards your final GPA:
    • 20 credits for your master's thesis
    • 70 credits with your best grades for courses from the Core Courses, Major and Electives
  • You need to successfully complete at least two seminars, one of which should be taken at the School of Business and Economics. Seminars are generally restricted in the number of participants, so you should check how to register for a seminar, (i.e. seminar’s prerequisites and the registration period) in advance.
  • As soon as you collect 120 credits, you will not be allowed to take any more courses. Only under certain circumstances, you may obtain a maximum number of 125 credits, e.g. when you already have enough credits, but you are still missing one course in your Major or the core courses. Please talk to the Examinations Office beforehand!
  • Students who completed their undergraduate degree in Germany are strongly encouraged to use our partner universities and go on at least one exchange semester. Information can be found at www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/international/abroad.
  • Of the 90 credits, only the 70 credits with the best grades will count towards your final GPA.



As a student at the Humboldt-Universität you will have to compile a study schedule of the lectures and seminars you wish to attend and the exams you want to take yourself. The School offers courses and lectures on a comprehensive area of topics in business and economics. Information on the lectures and seminars offered and the number of credits to be awarded in each semester is available from the Vorlesungsverzeichnissen (course catalogues):


The course list is published in good time before lectures begin in a new semester (end of January and end of July, respectively). Please find out more about the topics and contents of the courses at the web pages of the professors. You can easily browse to the page you need by using the link Professuren.



Master's Thesis (20 credits)

The final work of your studies is the Master's thesis, an original scholarly paper. You want to think about the thesis already at your first day in School! It is recommended - though not a strict rule - to write your thesis within the field of your major.



Each professor has different prerequisites, so make sure that you fulfil them! Information on the different prerequisites can be found on the webpages of each chair, Furthermore, the Studienbüro offers an overview (in German): www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/studium/sb/leitfaden.pdf. If the link is broken, try www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/studium/sb and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The supervisor of your thesis has to be a professor from HU's School of Business and Economics! Nevertheless, a collaboration with a company or a researcher from another institution is possible - if your HU supervisor agrees.

Students can start their theses without completion of all their coursework.



English and German are allowed as an official language of a thesis. Other languages besides these two must be approved by thesis advisors.

The thesis must be bound with either an adhesive or book-binding. Pages may not be loose or removable, and spiral bindings are not acceptable.

The title page of the thesis MUST contain the title of the master thesis (if the title is German, it must also be translated to English on the title page), the obtaining degree ("Master of Science (M.sc.) in Economics and Management Science"), the name of the university and school ("Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, School of Business and Economics"), your full name and matriculation number, the full name(s) of thesis supervisor(s) and the date of completion.

Please clarify specific paper regulations and layout with your thesis supervisor at the time of thesis registration. If your supervisor doesn't specify differently, the thesis should consist of about 60 pages (without annex), this equals about 100.0000-120.000 characters (without spaces). You may have a look at the suggestions in "Leitfaden zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten für Studierende" (not binding standards).


Registration and Deadline

You will have to register the thesis at the Studienbüro (SPA1, room 07), after that point you have up to 90 days to hand in your complete thesis. On the due date, the master thesis must be submitted with two duplicates and one electronic version at the Studienbüro. It is also acceptable to slip your submission personally into the Studienbüro’s postbox inside the School.

Whether submitted personally or by post: if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the subsequent work day becomes the due date. When submitting by post, we recommend using certified mail to ensure the delivery.

If you fall ill at any point during the development of the master thesis, a notice of sick leave must be submitted by post to the Studienbüro (labeled "Master Thesis"). The doctor’s note must arrive in the office no later than 5 days after it was issued. Additionally, the allotted proposal to extend the work period of the thesis (available on the homepage of the registrar's office: www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/studium/pa/formulare) must also be produced to the Studienbüro. Only then can a new due date be assigned with the additional days taken into account.


Declaration of Authorship

In the Declaration of Authorship, which is required for all master theses, the author should confirm with their signature that everything within the thesis was written of the author’s own accord and no outside help was used other than the sources referenced within the paper. The Declaration of Authorship should be signed by the author single-handedly.

HU has strict rules when it comes to plagiarism! Make sure you are aware of the latest regulations on citations!


Examinations and tests

  • You DON’T register for courses (exception: seminars). But you HAVE TO register for all exams you want to take.
  • Two rounds of exams are offered at the end of each semester. In order to take exams, you have to register for exams online during the registration period. There is only one registration period each semester for both rounds of exams. You may choose between the two rounds for each course. Please note that not all professors or institutes will offer their exams in both rounds.
  • You are responsible for registering for an exam in the correct manner - meaning you should ensure that you are registering for the correct course and in the correct field. Changes after registration involve a complicated procedure and should be avoided. In most cases, registering for seminars is done manually and directly with lecturers.
  • Once the grades of an exam are registered in your study account, they cannot be amended, i.e. you cannot re-take a passed course in order to enhance your grade.
  • If you fail an exam, you will receive the grade 5,0 and this grade remains on the transcript until graduation. Be aware that any student failing the same exam for the third time may not retake the exam.
  • When you are ill and unable to take an exam, a doctor’s note must be handed in to the Examination Office within 8 days (including Saturdays and Sundays) after the date of the exam. Please note that the doctor’s note must be dated for the day of the exam, or in some special cases, on the day after. Otherwise, the exam will be graded as failed (5,0).
  • If you fail an exam in the first round (or are ill with a doctor’s note), you have the option to register again for the same exam in the second round.
  • Detailed examination rules and regulation can be found via the following link: www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/international/incomings/exams


Choosing a Major

You will choose your Major during the first exam registration. Afterwards, a change of the selected Major is only possible through a motion at the registrar's office. More details see

After chosing your Major, all major specific courses will be displayed twice in your agnes account, when registering for exams: subsidiary to your major field as well as subsidiary to the elective choices. Please chose these courses in your agnes account that are subsidiary to your major field.