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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Mission Statement

In a global environment where the intersection of economics and business is a paramount and ubiquitous issue, a thorough understanding of their synergy is a critical skill set demanded by this ever-changing world. The mission of the Master's program in Economics and Management Science (MEMS) is to create a learning environment for understanding this synthesis in order to develop insightful, innovative, and prudent leaders who advance positive change.

The MEMS program offers the unique opportunity to study the rigorous formal and quantitative methods of economic analysis alongside the practical foundations of finance, management, and banking. Given the uniqueness of this program, we draw our students from a competitive distribution of talent.

Moreover, we continue to strengthen the learning opportunities for our students by extending our global reach with partnership universities offering dual degree programs.


About Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) is an internationally renowned university, with a reputation as an excellent university. With most of its faculties located in the city center, HU is the oldest university in Berlin and was originally founded as the University of Berlin in October of 1810. Since its foundation, twenty-nine Nobel Laureates have been associated with the university; Humboldt-Universität ranks among the top ten German universities. Humboldt-Universität invests all its energy in being a place of excellent research and teaching. Its aim is to promote young talents and to positively influence society and economy outside the framework of the university. For more information, see www.hu-berlin.de/ueberblick-en

An informal way to get an impression of the university and to keep track of what’s going on is to visit our facebook page or take the virtual tour: tour.hu-berlin.de

More in-depth information about Humboldt-Universität is listed here:




The School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics is located near Hackescher Markt, just around the corner from the spectacular street Unter den Linden, where Humboldt's main building is situated. The school emerged from the 1896 State Scientific-Statistical Seminar of the Freidrich-Wilhelm-Universität zu Berlin and the 1904 founded Berliner Handelshochschule. The grand opening of the School was on October 27th in 1906 and since that day, there has been uninterrupted scientific research and learning in these hallowed halls.

The faculty also boasts a stunning Chapel, the Heilig-Geist-Kapelle – built in the 13th century and is rumored to be the oldest building in all of Berlin. There is still access to the Chapel to this day, and there are often guest lectures held there.

The school is steeped in tradition, and finds its scientific (mathematical) based academic approach from some of the great names that have attended the University, including Nobel Laureate Wassily Leontief. Our tradition is fundamental to us, but we also stay current with the times - reflected by an extensive refurbishment of the school. Studying in a building with such tradition, accompanied by modern comforts, creates a wonderful experience. We hope to welcome you to our faculty soon.



Academic and Social Integration

The study programs pride themselves on academic excellence. One of the main ways we help you achieve this is by providing a good study/social life. Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world with a thriving culture and will no doubt have something for everyone who comes. Learn to cope with the language with a series of organized events that you and your fellow students can take advantage of.

On arrival, there is a two week integration for all German and international students at our school that helps through all the loops and holes of the German administration, but more importantly gets you out in the city that you will come to call “home”. Not only will we help you with insurance and learning some “Deutsch”, but our famous “Stammtisch” (regular bar meet) is a great way to introduce yourself to your fellow students and start the friendships that will grow with your time here. In addition, we will take you on a tour of the city and the campus and show you first hand the wonders on your doorstep.

It is the end of the integration that most people really never forget though. A weekend away in historic Potsdam will further your integration and you will have a walk or bike ride around one of the world’s UNESCO Heritage sites (Sanssouci). Of course at the end of it we celebrate with a great party!!

But it doesn’t stop there! All through the year you will have your engages students to make sure there is never a dull moment. Highlights include:

  • Official monthly "Stammtisch" for all international Wiwi students (wiwi is short for "Wirtschaftswissenschaften")
  • Weekend day trips to happening and cultural spots around Germany (e.g Potsdam, Dresden)
  • Dragon Boat Race (our fitness fun)
  • Museum Trips
  • International Buffet - taste the world!
  • ...
  • and that’s just the official events! Follow us on Facebook and you will be invited: www.facebook.com/WiWiInternationalOffice

You can find more information at our section for international students: www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/de/international/incomings