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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

MEMS presents

In this section we present some of our MEMS students on campus to give you an idea of the lived diversity and internationality here at HU Berlin. Currently, we have 163 MEMS students from all intakes coming from roughly 40 countries. Even more of our students are currently spending a year at a university abroad.


From Budapest to Berlin: Anna!

Anna is one of our MEMS-students from Budapest in Hungary. She graduated from Corvinus University with a major in International Relations and a specialization in European Integration. She chose the MEMS program because she wanted to combine the fields of Economics and Management. After her first semester in the program, she is still convinced that she took the right choice:

HU is a great place to study in one of Europe's most amazing cities, and the MEMS program gives you a lot of freedom to choose the classes that interest you the most. The students are great, both at HU in general and the MEMS students. If you're interested in studying economics and management, I'd definitely recommend to apply to the program!

This semester, Anna is taking classes in Advanced Micro- and Macroeconomics, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis and Organization and Management. Her favorite is the accounting class. She quickly made friends on campus but one thing about German universities seems still quite peculiar to her: Instead of applauding, we knock on the table at the end of each lecture.



Enjoying every day life in Berlin: Giang Ngo

Giang Ngo is a MEMS student originally from Vietnam, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Foreign Trade University in Hanoi. Even though she barely spoke any German before coming to Berlin, it did not become a deterrent for her to achieve success in the MEMS program. She enjoys the quantitative coursework in MEMS, and her favourite course this semester is Business Analytics and Data Science. Knowing how quantitatively demanding the MEMS program is, she has a clear message for future applicants:

"If you are applying for MEMS, expecting it to be a 'sweet' management program without having to do much Maths, then please reconsider your decision. Seriously."

In her free time, she enjoys chilling out in the park, spending time in a nice bar, or going to colorful events and festivals which take place all year round in Berlin. A typical MEMS student is, according to her, energetic, open-minded, and culturally sensitive.



Meet Erik: a dedicated US-American MEMS student

Despite his German surname, Erik Schmalbach is a citizen from the United States of America. His bachelor’s degree is from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD where he double majored in International Studies and Economics. There were several reasons for him to come to Germany for studying:

During my undergraduate years, I studied German as a way to learn about where my family originally came from. When it came time to graduate, I discovered that I still wanted to study for a little while longer - and Germany seemed like a perfect place to do that. There are two problems with the US. First, when you study economics there, everything is about the US, which gets old very quickly. Second, master's study is very expensive. I wanted a contrast to my life in the United States. I chose MEMS because it was an international program, so I would have exposure to people from all over Europe and the rest of the world, and I chose Berlin so that I could be in the cultural capital of Germany.

Erik has never regretted studying MEMS and has made many friends at the university. He describes MEMS students as highly inclusive, down-to-earth and he has learned a lot from and about them. Regarding the program he stresses that people should know that MEMS is a broad course in three areas: business, economics and quantitative methods. Thus, it is a good preparation for the business world in general: “Only relatively basic mathematical knowledge is assumed (univariate statistics and calculus) and MEMS is therefore a good starting point in the business world, even if you have never studied it before.



Today, we start by introducing you to Jet, a MEMS student in her final semester.

Jet was born and raised in the Netherlands, where she previously studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. After her graduation, she decided to start her Master's in Economics and Management Science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. During her second year, she made use of Humboldt's exchange program and spent one year at University of California, Berkeley, where she wrote her Master’s thesis about social incentives in open innovation with the head of the Fung institute for Engineering Leadership.

She chose Berlin because it is the start-up capital and creative heart of Europe. "Everywhere you go, you become inspired. Whether it is by a passionate entrepreneur pitching their business plan, or by a street artist whose art places an everyday object in a new perspective, Berlin shares its creative energy with you." In her free time she likes to hone her programming skills, practice for the Berlin half-marathon or explore the city with friends. Jet recommends future applicants to ask themselves the following questions:

“Do you want to differentiate yourself by immersing yourself in the language and culture of one of the biggest markets in the world? Do you want to get world class education for free? Do you enjoy a high level of autonomy in your schooling?" If you can answer these questions with a yes, then we are looking forward to receiving your application!