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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

WiWi Welcome

We launched a new program called "HU4Refugees" in March 2017! All infos are available at https://www.hu-berlin.de/de/studium/beratung/refugees/HU4Refugees

This page will be updated soon!



Gueststudentship (Gasthörerschaft) for Refugees

We offer you support to promote your ability to study as a refugee and access to our university. The guest studentship should help you with your decision concerning your studies by visiting one or more courses. The teaching lanauge in the Bachelor Programs at our department is German while master courses are in English.

Through the guest studentship you will get to know the German study system and familiarize with it. Moreover, you get to know other students and you can build your network of "Kommilitonen" (fellow students). The guest studentship helps you to develop specialized knowledge in the fields of business and economics and to improve your language skills related to this field.


Who is eligable for the guest studentship?

Since the courses at the School of Business and Economics are highly based on mathematical and statistical methods, advanced skills in quantiative methods are required. You should be interested in economical questions. Basicaly, that's it! The guest studentship is open to anyone with intentions of studying at any German university.


Limitations to the guest studentship

As a guest student you will not get a full student status and does not entitle you to a degree program at HU. It is merely a first step into university life. If you want to persue a degree from HU, you would need to apply during the application period and fulfill the admission criteria. Our team is here to inform you about the specific steps!

Furthermore, you will not be eligable for the exams - to take an exam is only possible for enrolled students. We will not be able to award you credit points for the courses you took at our school!