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Language Help

The German language is important for prospective students who wish to start or continue a study program in Germany. Down below you can find a list of different online and offline learning offers that will help you to improve your skills.

Furthermore, the initiative is currently working on extra language courses for refugees and will soon provide you more possibilities to improve your German.


If you want to do a language course, an academic internship, a Studienkolleg or a course-related seminars. You can apply for a scholorship at Bildungsberatung Grantiefonds Hochschule. This scholorship covers also living cost, learning aid and transportation expenses. If you need more information, just visit their webpage:



Learning Online


  • Goethe Institut: Learn German with intuitive and great animated exercises and games. Get in touch with a big online community. Perfect for learning at beginner level and practicing vocabulary that is related to different work fields: https://www.goethe.de/de/spr/flu.html
  • Deutsche Welle, Deutsch Interaktiv: This is a free online course that covers level A1 to B1 German. With over 750 exercises, audios, videos and tests you can practice vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. You can either register once and safe your progress or access the program via a guest account: http://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/deutsch-interaktiv/s-9571
  • Welcomegrooves: This is a fun way to learn basic German phrases through music. Simply download the audio sessions and the translation sheet in the language of your choice and get started: http://www.welcomegrooves.de/
  • German for refugees: Download these two apps on your phone and learn German for free anywhere you go. Icoon for refugees is a picture dictionary that helps you to learn some basic vocabulary and busuu offers English and German language courses for Arabic-speaking users: http://www.germanforrefugees.com/de/
  • Deutschlandfunk - Nachrichten in einfacher Sprache: Here you can find current news in simple German. This is the perfect way of getting informed and practicing your language skills: http://www.nachrichtenleicht.de/
  • Online Bilderwörterbuch: This is a free online visual dictionary that helps you to expand your vocabulary. The words are sorted by topics and can be translated in more than sixty languages: http://babadada.com/



Learning Offline