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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Finance Group

Finance-Accounting Research Seminar

This seminar is a joint initiative of Humboldt-Universität and ESMT, and provides a forum to discuss current research in the areas of finance and accounting. External guests are welcome.

Seminar organizers: Hermann Elendner / Ulf Brüggemann / Guillermo Baquero

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DateSpeakerTime and Location
2018 Oct 18Open date (t.b.a.)
2018 Oct 25Open date (t.b.a.)
2018 Nov 01Open date (t.b.a.)
2018 Nov 08Open date (t.b.a.)
2018 Nov 15Open date (t.b.a.)
2018 Nov 22Hami Amiraslani (INSEAD)
Host: Joachim Gassen
14:15 - 15:45
SPA1, Room 23
2018 Nov 29Open date (t.b.a.)
2018 Dec 06Ralf Meisenzahl (Fed)
Host: Max Bruche
14:15 - 15:45
SPA1, Room 23
2018 Dec 13Open date (t.b.a.)
2018 Dec 20Thomas Rauter (WU Vienna)
Host: Joachim Gassen
14:15 - 15:45
SPA1, Room 23
2019 Jan 10Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Jan 17Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Jan 24Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Jan 31Melissa Porras Prado (Nova School)
Host: Guillermo Baquero
14:00 - 15:30
ESMT, LC Bookshop
2019 Feb 07Christian Stadler (Lancaster)
Host: Ulf Brüggemann
14:15 - 15:45
SPA1, Room 23
2019 Feb 14Open date (t.b.a.)

Preview Following Semester

DateSpeakerTime and Location
2019 Jul 11Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Jul 04Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Jun 27Russ Wermers (Maryland)
Host: Tim Adam
14:15 - 15:45
SPA1, Room 23
2019 Jun 20Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Jun 13Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Jun 06Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 May 23Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 May 16Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 May 09Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 May 02Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Apr 25Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Apr 18Open date (t.b.a.)
2019 Apr 11Open date (t.b.a.)

Archive Previous Semesters

2018 summer term

DateSpeaker - Title
2018 Jul 19Andre Güttler (Ulm) - The effect of bank competition on access to finance
2018 Jul 12Tolga Demir (SSE) - Utilizing Management Technology Advantages in Cross-Border Acquisitions
2018 Jul 05Pepa Kraft (HEC Paris) - Commitment to Regulation and Demand for Crypto Tokens
2018 Jun 28Bianca Beyer (Oulu Business School) - Are convicted CEOs overpaid?
2018 Jun 28Sergio Vincente (UC3M) - Default penalties and fee structure in private equity partnerships
2018 Jun 21Daniel Streitz (CBS) - Inference in the presence of spillover effects
2018 Jun 19Denis Gromb (HEC) - Financial Restructuring and Resolution of Banks
2018 Jun 14Simon Gervais (Duke) - The equilibrium value of employee ethics
2018 Jun 11Thorsten Hens (UZH) - An application of evolutionary portfolio theory to factor investing
2018 May 31Internal seminar
2018 May 24Ethan Rouen (HBS) - Corporate Tax Cuts Increase Income Inequality
2018 May 17Daniel Metzger (HHS) - Since You're so Rich, You Must be Really Smart
2018 May 16Angelo Ranaldo (s/bf-HSG)
2018 Apr 26Reint Gropp (IWH) - The cleansing effect of banking crises
2018 Apr 19Internal seminar

2017 winter term

DateSpeaker - Title
2018 Feb 15Internal seminar
2018 Feb 08Martin Walker (Manchester) - Understanding how the effects of conditional conservatism measurement bias vary with the research context
2018 Feb 01Josef Zechner (WU Vienna)
2018 Jan 25Laurence van Lent (Frankfurt School of Finance & Mgmt.) - Firm-Level Political Risk
2018 Jan 18Thomas Gehrig (Vienna) - Political Favoritism and Industrial Structure in the Banking Sector
2018 Jan 11Internal seminar
2017 Dec 21Dan Amiram (Columbia) - Do Executive Compensation Contracts Maximize Firm Value?
2017 Dec 20Tarek Hassan (Boston)
2017 Dec 14Florin Vasvari (LBS) - Portfolio Performance Manipulation in Collateralized Loan Obligations
2017 Dec 07Marno Verbeek (Rotterdam School of Management)
2017 Nov 30Rainer Jankowitsch (WU Wien) - The Rules of the Rating Game
2017 Nov 23Internal seminar
2017 Nov 15Thomas Gehrig (Vienna) - Did the Basel Process of Capital Regulation Enhance the Resiliency of European Banks?
2017 Nov 08Axel Stahmer (ESMT Berlin) - An examination of tail risk taking by active mutual funds
2017 Nov 02Internal seminar
2017 Oct 26Internal seminar
2017 Oct 19Internal seminar

2017 summer term

DateSpeaker - Title
2017 Jul 20Internal seminar
2017 Jul 13Internal seminar
2017 Jul 06Internal seminar
2017 Jun 29Victor Maas (Amsterdam) - Finding Partners in Crime?
2017 Jun 28Harald Hau (SFI, Geneva)
2017 Jun 22Internal seminar
2017 Jun 15Tanseli Savaser (Bilkent) - Differential Risk Taking Implications of Performance Incentives from Stock and Stock Option Holdings
2017 Jun 08Internal seminar
2017 Jun 01Emmanuel De George (LBS) - Fair-Value Adjustments and Debt Contracting
2017 May 18Suresh Sundaresan (Columbia) - An explanation of negative swap spreads
2017 May 11Max Bruche (Cass Business School) - Pipeline Risk in Leveraged Loan Syndication
2017 May 08Martin Kanz (Worldbank) - Status goods
2017 May 05Heiko Jacobs (Mannheim) - Anomalies Across the Globe
2017 May 04John Barrios (Chicago) - Corporate Tax Departments
2017 Apr 27Paul Madsen (Florida) - University-Level Recruiting and Black Underrepresentation in the Auditing Profession
2017 Apr 20Internal seminar

2016 winter term

DateSpeaker - Title
2017 Feb 16Internal seminar
2017 Feb 09Internal seminar
2017 Feb 02Internal seminar
2017 Jan 23Ekkehart Boehmer (SMU SKBI) - Tracking Retail Investor Activity
2017 Jan 19Internal seminar
2017 Jan 12Internal seminar
2017 Jan 05Laurenz Klipper (Humboldt) - Pennies in Front of a Steamroller?
2016 Dec 15Jens Hilscher (UC Davis) - Inflating away the public debt?
2016 Dec 05Danielle Zhang (Norwegian Business School) - CEOs' Personal Portfolio and Corporate Policies
2016 Dec 01Engelbert Dockner (WU Vienna, VGSF) - Fund promotion and individual investors' fund flows
2016 Nov 29Ron Giammarino (UBC) - Tax Loss Carry-Forwards and Returns
2016 Nov 24Yun Lou (HEC Paris) - Major government Customers and Loan Contract Terms
2016 Nov 10Amir Amel-Zadeh (Oxford) - 10-K Narrative Disclosures
2016 Nov 03Eliezer Fich (Drexel) - The effect of takeover protection on the value of cash
2016 Nov 02Nicole Branger (Münster) - Asset Pricing
2016 Oct 27Dan Segal (IDC Herzliya) - The Discovery Role of Analysts
2016 Oct 20Jochen Lawrenz (Innsbruck) - Contingent Convertible Bonds in a General Equilibrium Model

2016 summer term

DateSpeaker - Title
2016 Jul 06Antonio Mello (Wisconsin) - Collateral in corporate financing
2016 Jul 05Maria Kasch (Humboldt) - Systematic Risk and Share Turnover [or Beta as a Measure of Mispricing]
2016 Jun 30Gavin Cassar (INSEAD) - Hedge Fund Voluntary Disclosure
2016 Jun 23Sheridan Titman (UT Austin) - Swimming Upstream
2016 Jun 16Martin Schmalz (Michigan) - Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives
2016 Jun 13JosÉ Azar (Charles River Associates) - A New Look at Oligopoly
2016 Jun 09Christof Beuselinck (IESEG) - Determinants of Subsidiary Cash Holdings in Multinational Corporations
2016 Jun 07Marco Pagano (Naples Federico II) - Bank Exposures and Sovereign Stress Transmission
2016 Jun 06Eduardo Schwartz (UCLA) - Optimal carbon abatement in a stochastic equilibrium model with climate change
2016 May 26Olga Kuzmina (New Economic School) - Capital structure and exporting
2016 May 19Yuri Tserlukevich (Arizona State) - Is Market Timing Good for Shareholders?
2016 May 12Rik Sen (HKUST) - Inside Brokers
2016 Apr 28Wolfgang Drobetz (Hamburg) - Cyclicality of Growth Opportunities and the Value of Cash Holdings
2016 Apr 21David Oesch (University of Zurich) - Financial Constraints and Corporate Disclosure
2016 Apr 15Avri Ravid (Yeshiva University) - Intellectual Property Contracts

2015 winter term

DateSpeaker - Title
2016 Feb 11Christian Schlag (Frankfurt) - Does Ambiguity About Volatility Matter Empirically?
2016 Feb 04Internal seminar
2016 Jan 28Nicole Branger (Münster) - Equilibrium Asset Pricing in Directed Networks with Mutually Exciting Jumps
2016 Jan 21Internal seminar
2016 Jan 14Jeremy Michels (Wharton)
2016 Jan 07Internal seminar
2015 Dec 10Ramin Baghai (SSE) - Non-rating revenue and conflicts of interest
2015 Dec 07Klaus Ritzberger (VGSF) - The Curse of Poverty and the Blessings of Wealth
2015 Dec 03Gaizka Ormazabal (IESE) - Are Directors More Likely to Relinquish Their Riskiest Directorships after the Crisis?
2015 Dec 02Michael Weber (Chicago Booth) - Monetary policy through production networks
2015 Nov 26Martin Jacob (WHU) - The differential effect of consumption, wage, and capital taxes on corporate investment
2015 Nov 19Roland Strausz (HU) - A Theory of Crowdfunding
2015 Nov 12Andre Guettler (Ulm) - Public Bank Guarantees and Allocative Efficiency
2015 Nov 05Ashish Tiwari (Iowa) - Market Liquidity, Funding Liquidity, and Hedge Fund Performance
2015 Oct 29Alexander Ljungqvist (NYU) - State Capitalism vs. Private Enterprise
2015 Oct 22Juan Manuel García Lara (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) - Accounting conservatism and the limits to earnings management

2015 summer term

DateSpeaker - Title
2015 Jul 16Internal seminar
2015 Jul 09Internal seminar
2015 Jul 02Internal seminar
2015 Jun 25Xi Li (Temple University)
2015 Jun 18Internal seminar
2015 Jun 11Antoinette Schoar (MIT) - Middle Class Origins of the Financial Crisis
2015 Jun 04Söhnke Bartram (Warwick) - Fundamental analysis works
2015 May 28Diego Garcia (UNC) - The kinks of financial journalism
2015 May 21Ann Vanstraelen (Maastricht) - Earnings Management within Multinational Corporations
2015 May 07Romain Boulland (ESSEC) - Announcing the Announcement
2015 May 04Thierry Foucault (HEC Paris) - Corporate Strategy, Conformism, and the Stock Market
2015 Apr 30Michael Halling (Stockholm School of Economics) - Corporate Life-Cycle Dynamics of Cash Holdings
2015 Apr 27Dion Bongaerts (Rotterdam School of Management) - Private information about reputation
2015 Apr 20Alexander Guembel (Toulouse School of Economics) - A Welfare Analysis of Fragmented Liquidity Markets
2015 Apr 13Günter Strobl (Frankfurt School of Finance & Mgmt.) - Credit Ratings

2014 winter term

DateSpeaker - Title
2015 Feb 12Internal seminar
2015 Feb 05Robert Kosowski (Imperial College) - The Effect of Regulatory Constraints on Fund Performance
2015 Jan 29Florian Heider (ECB) - Optimal Margins and Equilibrium Prices
2015 Jan 22Internal seminar
2015 Jan 19Alexander Kempf (Köln) - Trading Efficiency of Fund Families
2015 Jan 15Internal seminar
2015 Jan 08Internal seminar
2014 Dec 18Internal seminar
2014 Dec 15Erik Theissen (Mannheim) - GDP Mimicking Portfolios and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
2014 Dec 11Internal seminar
2014 Dec 04Alexei Ovtchinnikov (HEC Paris) - Political Activism and Firm Innovation
2014 Nov 27Yakov Amihud (NYU) - The pricing of the illiquidity factor's systematic risk
2014 Nov 20Maria Correia (LBS) - Asset Volatility
2014 Nov 13Tim Adam (Humboldt)
2014 Nov 07Douglas J. Skinner (Chicago) - The Evolution of Audit Market Structure and the Emergence of the Big 4
2014 Oct 30Daniel Paravisini (LSE) - Comparative Advantage and Specialization in Bank Lending
2014 Oct 23Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Mgmt.) - Managerial Short-Termism and Investment
2014 Oct 16Ryan T. Ball (Michigan) - An Empirical Examination of Horizon