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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Finance Group

Studying Finance @ Humboldt


The Finance Group of the School of Business and Economics offers a broad spectrum of finance and finance-related courses at the Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. levels. By taking our courses, students receive a broad and in-depth education in finance, which prepares them for careers in banking, asset management, corporate treasury, and business consulting.

Finance is the most quantitative of business majors. Students specializing in finance will benefit from sound knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and econometrics. For students who are interested in writing a Bachelor/Master thesis, it is also important to practice the handling and analysis of financial data.

The following list provides an overview of all finance courses offered by the Finance Group and the finance-reated courses offered by other chairs at the School of Business and Economics, which we recommend to all students interested in studying finance.

  • Grundlagen der Finanzwirtschaft I
  • Grundlagen der Finanzwirtschaft II
  • Financial Markets & Social Science
  • Financial Markets: Economic Theory & Practice
  • Banken
  • Behavioral Finance and Asset Pricing
  • Banken Seminar
  • Bachelor Thesis Seminar
  • Valuation (Accounting)
  • Basics of International Finance (Finanzierung)
  • Market Microstructure (Finanzierung)
  • Issues in Finance (Finanzierung)
Empirical Courses (Bachelor)  
  • Bachelorpraktikum Empirisches Arbeiten
  • Datenanalyse I & II (Statistics)
  • Angewandte Kausalanalyse (Empirical Labor Economics)
  • Tabellenkalkulation mit MS Excel (Career Center)
  • Datenanalyse mit STATA - Erlernen und Anwenden (Career Center)
  • Introduction to Financial Economics (Finance Theory)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Case Seminar Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Finanzierungstheorie (Finanzierung)
  • Market Microstructure (Finanzierung)
  • Theory of Incentives (Micro)
  • Master Thesis Seminar: Corporate Finance
  • Master Thesis Seminar: Financial Economics
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis (Accounting)
  • Valuation (Accounting)
  • Datenanalyse I & II (Statistics)
  • Analysis of Panel Data (Econometrics)
  • Financial Contracts (Mangement Science)
  • Financial Contracts Seminar (Management Science)
  • Selected Topics of Emerging Markets (Menkhoff, DIW)
  • Advanced Financial Economics: Corporate Finance
  • Advanced Financial Economics: Asset Pricing
  • Finance-Accounting Research Seminar
  • Finance Brownbag Seminar
  • Empirical Methods in Accounting and Finance (Accounting)
  • Statistics of Financial Markets (Statistics)
  • Advanced Methods in Quantitative Finance (Statistics)
  • Statistical Tools in Finance and Insurance (Statistics)
Some of our courses are also open to students from other parts of Humboldt University and students from other universities. For example, our course "Financial Markets & Social Science" is intended for students seeking a more cursory/less technical introduction to finance. Students from other universities ("Nebenhoerer") must, however, apply for course admittance by submitting an application to the group's secretary Mrs. Bulwahn. The application must contain the registration form and proofs that prerequisite requirements (if any) are satisfied. For more information, please visit the Studierenden Service Center website.

Expected Future Course Offerings

The following table lists the expected course offerings of the Finance Group over the next three semesters. There is no guarantee that these courses will be offered as expected. To obtain information about actual course offerings, please turn to the most recent Vorlesungsverzeichnis.


Winter Term 2017/2018

Summer Term 2018

Winter Term 2018/2019

Grundlagen der Finanzwirtschaft I X X  
Grundlagen der Finanzwirtschaft II   X X
Banken X X X
Banken Seminar X X X
Bachelor Thesis Seminar X X X
Financial Markets & Social Science   X  
Financial Markets: Economic Theory & Practice X   X
Behavioral Finance and Asset Pricing X    
Introduction to Financial Economics (Finance Theory) X   X
Advanced Corporate Finance   X  
Case Seminar Advanced Corporate Finance   X  
Private Equity   X  
Crypto Currencies X    
Master Thesis Seminar:
Financial Economics
Master Thesis Seminar:
Corporate Finance
Advanced Financial Economics - Corporate Finance X   X
Advanced Financial Economics - Asset Pricing      
Finance Brownbag Seminar X X X
Finance-Accounting Research Seminar X X X

* Übung only    ° to be determined

For more detailed information on course sequencing and course contents, students of the school of Business and Economics should visit the following pages: Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.