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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin -

Research seminars

We organize research seminars (some in collaboration with other institutes), which are intended to foster the exchange of ideas among Berlin-based researchers and guests from all over the world.

The following seminars are currently being held:

  • Berlin Colloquium in Economic History
  • Brown Bag Seminar
  • Schumpeter Seminar


Berlin Colloquium in Economic History


The Berlin Economic History Colloquium aims at promoting academic discussion and networking among scholars, departments and institutions based in Berlin. It focuses on current research in economic history.

The Colloquium is open for anybody interested in economic history.

See list of dates and topics.

Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown Bag (BB) seminar provides an opportunity for doctoral students to present their research. The seminar allows a discussion with other faculty members in an open and constructive atmosphere.

The BB seminar is intended for doctoral students.

The Brown Bag seminar is organized by the Chairs of Prof. Burda, Prof. Spitz-Oener, Prof. Weinke, and Prof. Wolf.

See list of dates and topics.


Schumpeter Seminar


The Schumpeter Seminar is the departmental research seminar of the School of Business and Economics.

See list of dates and topics.