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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin -


C. Stoltenberg "Real Balance Effects, Timing and Equilibrium Determination" pdf-file
C. Stoltenberg, M. Paustian "Optimal Interest Rate Stabilization in a Basic Sticky-Price Model" pdf-file
H. Uhlig "The Slow Death of East Germany" Lecture held by Prof. Uhlig at the Vereinstagung in Bayreuth pdf-file
H. Uhlig "Discussion" of the papers by Woodford and Christiano et al at the Forth ECB Central Banking Conference
L. Bovenberg, H. Uhlig Pension Systems and the Allocation of Macroeconomic Risk pdf-file
H. Gersbach, H. Uhlig On the Coexistence of Banks and Markets pdf-file
H. Uhlig Discussion of "The Source of Historical Economic Fluctuations: An Analysis using Long-Run Restrictions" by Neville Francis and Valerie A. Ramey pdf-file
H. Uhlig Approximate Solutions to Dynamic Models – Linear Methods pdf-file
M. Trabandt, H. Uhlig "How Far Are We From The Slippery Slope? The Laffer Curve Revisited" pdf-file
H. Uhlig "Regional Labor Markets, Network Externalities and Migration: The Case of German Reunification" pdf-file
"Redistribution and Economic Growth in Integrated Economies", Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 28, 2006, 392-408.