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T. Sveen, L. Weinke Firm-Specific Capital, Nominal Rigidities, and the Taylor Principle, Journal of Economic Theory,136, 729–737.
PDF file
T. Sveen, L. Weinke Lumpy Investment, Sticky Prices, and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism, Journal of Monetary Economics, 54S, 23–36.
PDF file
A. Scholl, H. Uhlig New Evidence on the Puzzles: Results from Agnostic Identification on Monetary Policy and Exchange Rates PDF file
O. Grimm, S. Ried Macroeconomic Policy in a Heterogeneous Monetary Union PDF file
H. Uhlig Explaining Asset Prices with External Habits and Wage Rigidities in a DSGE Model PDF file
A. Kriwoluzky, C. Stoltenberg
Optimal Policy Under Model Uncertainty: A Structural-Bayesian Estimation Approach
PDF file
G. Rehme
Economic Growth and (Re-)Distributive Policies in a Non-Cooperative World, Journal of Economics, Vol. 91, No. 1, 1–40.
G. Rehme
Wissen und Neue Wachstumstheorie: Die Rolle von fachspezifischem Humankapital
PDF file
G. Rehme
Education, Economic Growth and Measured Income Inequality, Economica, Vol. 74, 493–514.
H. Uhlig
Draft paper for an excellent economic department (in German) PDF file