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Brown Bag Seminar Winter Term 2021/22


The seminar takes place every Wednesday, from 12.30-14.00 on zoom. Information on how to join the zoom-meetings will be distributed via email before each session.

To receive emails with zoom links to attend the seminar, please contact Vanessa Schmidt (if you are not already on the Brown Bag mailing list).


Winter Term 2021/22





20. Oktober 2021


Lukas Boer: "Energy Transition Metals"

27. Oktober 2021



3. November 2021



10. November 2021


Johanna Krenz: Financial Integration and International Comovement - The Demand Channel

17. November 2021


Mohammadreza Mafi: Oil Revenue Volatility and Growth

24. November 2021


Mauricio Salgado Moreno: "Monetary Policy, Excess Reserves and Credit Supply: Old-Style vs. New-Style Central Banking" (Job Market Paper)

1. Dezember 2021


Tobias König: Firm Heterogeneity and the Capital Market (Job Market Paper)

8. Dezember 2021


Joonseok Oh: Optimal Monetary Policy Mix at the Zero Lower Bound

15. Dezember 2021


Hannah Seidl: Monetary Policy and Heterogeneity – A Recap of Gianluca Violante's Summer School at Study Center Gerzensee (online)

5. Januar 2022


Anna-Maria Göth

12. Januar 2022


Lea Bitter: Bank deposits and CBDC in a New Monetarist New Keynesian Model

19. Januar 2022


Florentine Schwark

26. Januar 2022


Veljko Bojovic

2. Februar 2022


Konrad Kuhmann

9. Februar 2022


Hannah Seidl

16. Februar 2022


Vanessa Schmidt

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