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News at the School

News from Jul 19, 2019

Professor of Statistics is honoured for her outstanding scientific achievements together with five other female natural scientists ►►►

News from May 17, 2019

Third Emmy Noether Group in economics since the launch of the funding programme ►►►

News from May 21, 2019

New Collaborative Research Centre involving our School members Joachim Gassen, Ulf Brüggemann, Ralf Maiterth and Anja Schöttner ►►►

News from May 09, 2019

Strengthening of the various collaborations between the School and ESMT Berlin ►►►

News from May 09, 2019

Honour for scientific achievements and long-standing commitment for DAAD-funded, scientific collaborations ►►►

News from Apr 16, 2019

Faculty members receive the Prize for their excellent publications of the last year. ►►►

News from Sep 13, 2018

Einstein Foundation has agreed to a funding proposal by Georg Weizsäcker. ►►►

News from Jul 05, 2018

Roland Strausz and Fabio Antoniou have been awarded with the EAERE Award 2018 for Outstanding Publication in the Journal Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE) for their publication on Feed-in Subsidies, Taxation, and Inefficient Entry. ►►►

News from Dec 05, 2017

The Frisch Medal of the Econometric Society is awarded to Nikolaus Wolf together with Gabriel Ahlfeldt (London), Stephen Redding (Princeton) and Daniel Sturm (London). ►►►

News from Sep 25, 2012

Our School is ranked second by DFG. ►►►