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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin -

Annika Baumann


Telephone: +49 30 2093-5740

Email: annika.baumann[at]wiwi.hu-berlin.de

Office hours: by appointment



Annika Baumann, M.Sc., studied the Master in Information Systems at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Since June 2013 she works as a researcher at the Institute of information systems at the Humboldt University in Berlin. As part of her master's thesis she investigated the robustness of the Internet graph based on a current dataset. In the course of her PhD she investigates the Internet topology, the readability of privacy policies as well as the social news aggregator Reddit.


Research interests

  • Internet topology
  • Graph Theory
  • Customer behavior in Ecommerce
  • Analysis of social networks


Social Media

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Selected publications (link to all publications)

  1. Annika Baumann, Hanna Krasnova, Natasha Veltri and Yunsi Ye, Men, Women, Microblogging: Where Do We Stand?, in: 12. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (Wirtschaftsinformatik 2015), Osnabrück, Germany, 2015
  2. Annika Baumann, Benjamin Fabian and Matthias Lischke, Exploring the Bitcoin Network, in: 10th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST), Barcelona, Spain, 2014         
  3. Natasha Veltri, Hanna Krasnova, Annika Baumann and Neena Kalayamthanam, Gender Differences in Online Gaming: A Literature Review, in: Twentieth Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2014), Savannah, USA, 2014