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Curriculum of the Research Training Group


As of entering the Research Training Group (RTG), each doctoral student receives close mentoring by a senior doctoral student. The mentor guides the student's integration in the RTG. Within the first year, each student is assigned two Ph.D. supervisors of the participating faculty, who oversee the respective student's progress in course work and research.

Course work

Doctoral students of the RTG are expected to complete their course work within three semesters and finish the program with a sound knowledge of micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics. Upon entering the RTG, and depending on the individual's academic background, students are required to take the core Ph.D. courses on these subjects as offered by the Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science (BDPEMS). The specific requirements are set on an individual basis when entering the program.

In addition the RTG offers three mandatory elective courses that are essential to its research program:

  1. Regulation of Product Markets
  2. Regulation of Financial Markets
  3. Regulation of Labor Markets

The RTG further offers intensive short courses by its regular guests on different topics related to the economics of regulation. The RTG organizes yearly summer schools that focus on regulatory issues of markets and stress the interdependencies.


Doctoral students graduate from the program successfully after completing at least three academic research papers. Active research in the RTG starts as soon as possible and parallel to the student’s course work phase. The production of research papers is structured as follows:

  1. Presentation of research idea in internal working groups;
  2. Presentation of first draft in common seminar;
  3. Publication of research paper as working paper;
  4. Presentation of research paper at international conferences;
  5. Submission of research paper to international peer-reviewed journal.



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