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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin -

Support for women and families

The RTG welcomes applications from women and/or students with families.

All three participating universities as well as WZB and DIW were awarded the certificates "audit familiengerechte hochschule"/"audit berufundfamilie", which proves that they have high standards in allowing students/employees to combine family and work.

In accordance with the gender equality strategy of Humboldt-Universität and the rules of the DFG, the RTG puts special emphasis on supporting female researchers on their way to a successful career, and to create a good balance of family and doctoral studies. The DFG provides special funds for these goals.


Child allowance

RTG students with a scholarship receive 400 Euros of child allowance for the first child (born before or within the funding period), and 100 Euros for every additional child.

An extension of the scholarship for up to 12 months is possible as well. Alternatively, a money-for-time option provides support in the form of funds for child-care, thereby helping to finish a research project.


Family-friendly organization

Regular lectures and short courses usually take place before 4pm. Students can sign up for courses and exams online, and all lecture materials are available at online learning platforms. Flexible child-care can be provided during RTG courses, events, and conferences (see below).



Please find information on the new day-care institution of Humboldt-Universität here.


Family room

A new room for students with children was just opened at HU's School of Business and Economics (ground floor). The room was co-funded by the RTG. It is equipped with a workplace, a changing table, a high chair, toys, etc.


List of family rooms at HU

List of family rooms at FU

List of family rooms at TU

Flyer WZB


Special events for women: Coaching and Training

The RTG offers coaching and training to enhance certain skills needed for your studies and a successful career after the PhD (see list).


Flexible day-care solutions

RTG students can use the day-care service of "KidsMobil" for emergency day-care solutions, or during RTG courses and events.



Humboldt-Universität offers information and advice on all matters of gender equality and family-career balance through "GeCo", its inhouse gender consulting. Contact geco-genderconsulting@hu-berlin.de.


For more information, don't hesitate to contact the coordinator.



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