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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin -



Current Projects

Industrial Organisation

The theory of Industrial Organisation studies the behavior of firms and the resulting structure and performance of markets in imperfect competition. Research at our chair focuses on regulatory decision-making and institutional incentive structures.

Our research topics are, among others:

  • Impact of information asymmetries between firms and consumers on industry dynamics.
  • Quality choice, welfare, and regulation of horizontally and vertically differentiated oligopolies.
  • Deterrence effects under pre-emptive merger-control.
  • Mechanisms of market regulation in the communication sector: Dynamics of research joint-ventures (RJVs), research alliances and collusion.
  • Impact of competition policy on R&D activity and competition between innovators.


Environmental Economics

Climate change can be seen as a global public goods problem that expressed itself in the failure of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, 2009. Research at our chair focuses primarily on climate policy issues. E.g., we analyze how countries can successfully design domestic policy instruments to spur innovation in renewable energies, or to preserve international competitiveness when climate policies differ across countries.

Among our research topics are:

  • Efficient design of permit allocation schemes under cap-and-trade. 
  • Path-dependence and lock-in in fossil fuel technologies.
  • Positive analysis of the success of climate cooperation among asymmetric countries.
  • Early technology investments as a second-best unilateral approach when long-term climate cooperation fails.
  • International tax competition and endogenous location decisions of firms.

Among our cooperation partners are: Prof. Edenhofer’s research group at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Prof. Strausz’ group at our own faculty, and Prof. Runkel’s research group at the Technical University in Berlin.