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Interdisziplinäre ZentrenInterdisciplinary centers

Ubiquitous Information:
Fundamentals and Effects of Sustainable Informatization of Economics and Everyday

Large amounts of data are becoming accessible online, especially in the forms of measurement data (sensor networks, production, RFID, etc.), transaction data (retail, assembly etc.), and data hidden in unstructured text. It is usually captured automatically and it is reflecting the real world and its dynamics in increasng detail ("Internet of Things"). Web services access this data depending on the context and situation and generate valuable information through syntheses as well as complex evaluations (e.g. via data mining methods, semantic web techniques, or application software such as ERP or CRM). Users and the information systems surrounding them are in constant communication. This opens up numerous interesting appilication areas and creates new research challenges with regard to the technical, legal, and economic foundations of such "ubiquitous" information systems as well as their effects on society.

Founded in November 2005, the group's goal is to make manageable the conceptual, constructive, and analytical research of systems that use this new dynamic of data, services, and processes for compex applications. The group's researchers come from diverse fields such as business administration, computer science, psychology, law, economics and information systems. The Center provides an umbrella for a number of large research projects funded by the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Education and Research.

The Center is coordinated by the School's Institute of Information Systems and includes faculty members Berendt, Burda, Günther (managing director), Paulssen, Röller, and Schade.

Center for Applied Statistics and Economics (CASE)

Today, the large number of complex tasks and problems in economics can only be solved in conjunction with expert economic knowledge and the use of sophisticated quantitative methods with the help of state-of-the-art computer engineering. The Center for Applied Statistics and Econometrics brings together highly qualified statisticians, mathematicians, economists, and engineers to find solutions to these challenging problems.