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Please note, that you can only receive forms for recognition of examination achievements during office hours of the Examinations Office

Examination registration and withdrawal

You will register for all examinations at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration using the internet only. You will use the password and login for registration you obtain from the HU Computer and Media Service (CMS). You will also need a TAN list to register for and withdraw from examinations. You can also obtain these details from CMS. Always keep your TAN number safe so that you can generate an new list yourself whenever you require new numbers. If you lose your TAN list, please contact our examinations office.

You can obtain information about examination rooms and your seat via the admissions list link on the working day immediately after the end of the withdrawal period.

The Examination Board will publish the application period for examinations. You can find examination schedules with examination dates and withdrawal periods on the ‘Examination dates and information’ page.

You cannot register for a final examination attempt via the AGNES online portal, since in accordance with section 39 of the General Study and Examination Regulations, all HU students must participate in a subject-specific counselling session before registering. Please use the following form, which you should submit to the lecturer concerned and then to the examinations office. Afterwards, the examinations office will register you.

Please print this form and contact the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration examinations office.

We will not consider withdrawals made after the withdrawal period published in the examination schedule has expired.

Applications to the Examination Board

Where possible, you should use the following form for applications to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Examination Boards.

Please note that we will only accept written applications.

Application forms for switching to the new regulations 2016

Note: Students who took up their studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration on October 1, 2016 (incl. changing of university or study programme) automatically study according to the new regulations of 2016.

Bachelor's Business Administration degree programs

Bachelor's degree programs in Economics

Master's Degree Programs in Business Administration, Economics, Economics and Management Science as well as Business Information Technology