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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - School of Business and Economics

Information about the beginning of your studies

You decided to continue your study at our faculty. We look forward to meeting you and would like to offer you some advance information to make your first weeks at our university a little easier.

The faculty aims to offer the majority of the orientation events for WS 2021/22 in presence. The digital offerings are partly synchronous (via Zoom) and partly asynchronous. Please contact our website again before the start of the orientation week to find out about any changes.

Access to the faculty building is granted if you are vaccinated or convalescent or prove a current negative Corona test. Please note the regulations and information regarding the Corona pandemie

It is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask in the faculty building.

Introduction week events of bachelor's courses in Business Administration and Economics (as mono-bachelor's degree or combined bachelor's degree)
Introduction week events of master's courses in Business Administration, Economics and MEMS

To prepare you for the start of your studies, we offer a mathematics and econometrics preparation course before the start of the lecture period. Detailed information can be found in the event schedule.

"By Students for Students": Offers of the Student Council during the Induction Week

Possible timetable of first semester in Master's Business Administration
Possible timetable of first semester in Master's Economics
Possible timetable of first semester in Master's MEMS

Präsentation International Office (Outgoings)

The study and examination regulations of the Master's degree programmes and diagrams on the structure are available on the website of the Examinations Office.

Start of the lecture time

The lecture time of the winter term 21/22 begins on 18 October 2021 with a convocation day (there are no teaching sessions on that day). Lectures, practical exercises, and tutorials begin on 19 October 2021 accordingly. The winter semester (lectures) ends on 19 February 2022. Afterwards, you should plan on an examination period of approximately two weeks.

Semester times / deadlines / dates Research semester

You can create an individual schedule via AGNES. Please find registration deadlines for seminars in the course catalogue.


Helpful links:

Start of the WS 2021/22

A checklist for the beginning of studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (in German)

Study guide of the School of Business and Economics (in German)

Examination Office

Information about exams

Information service of study/examination office (office hours and information): subscribe / unsubscribe