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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series

Alona Zharova

Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz Chair of Statistics
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Spandauer Str. 1, Room 309
10178 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 2093 5708
Fax: +49 30 2093 5617

alona.zharova [at] hu-berlin.de


Full CV

Areas of Interest

New Public Management, Bibliometrics, Data Analysis

Work Experience

01/2017 - today Managing Director, International Research Training Group 1792 "High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series", Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

04/2014 - 12/2016 Managing Director, Collaborative Research Center 649 “Economic Risk”, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

09/2010 - 10/2011 Travel Manager, Travel Company "Vilkovo-Tour" (Ukraine)

Teaching Experience

09/2017 - 10/2017, 09/2016 - 10/2016, 09/2015 - 10/2015 Management Simulation, ISSEM 2017, 2016, 2015: International Summer School in Economics and Management of HU Berlin in Havana, Cuba

10/2015 - 02/2016 Statistics II (Exercises), School of Business and Economics, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

10/2011 - 06/2013 Modeling and Forecasting in Business, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine


06/2014 - 02/2018 Doctoral Researcher, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Doctor Rerum Politicarum; with summa cum laude)

10/2013 - 03/2014 Visiting Researcher, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

10/2011 - 09/2013 Doctoral Researcher, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University (Ukraine)

09/2006 - 06/2011 Specialist`s Degree in “Management of organisations”, with Honours; Bachelor`s Degree in “Management”, with Honours, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University (Ukraine)

Invited Talks

  • Universidad de La Habana, 25.09.2017, Habana (CU): "Statistische Analyse zum Ressourceneinsatz und Performanz in Forschungseinrichtungen"
  • National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), 15.03.2017, Kaohsiung (TW): "An Analysis of Third-Party Expenses of University"
  • National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), 14.03.2017, Hsinchu (TW): "Evaluating Research Performance of the Collaborative Research Center 649"
  • National Taiwan University (NTU), 13.03.2017, Taipei (TW): "Academic Ranking Scales in Economics: Prediction and Imputation"


  • Workshop "Advances in financial and time series econometrics, 08.-10.10.2017, Drübeck (DE): "Statistical process analysis of resource use and performance in research institutions"

  • IRTG 1792 Conference, 12.-14.07.2017, Motzen (DE): "Measuring research performance of individuals, research groups and universities"
  • International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta 2017) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 15.-17.06.2017, Hong Kong (CN): "A multivariate dynamic analysis of third-party funds"
  • Anwenderworkshop Bibliometrie, 04.-06.04.17, Jülich (DE): "Analyse der Drittmittelausgaben und Forschungsoutputs der Universität"
  • Haindorf Seminar, 24. – 28.01.2017, Haindorf (CZ): "A multivariate dynamic analysis of third-party funds"
  • Haindorf Seminar, 26. – 30.01 2016, Haindorf (CZ): "Statistical analysis of Handelsblatt, Google Scholar and RePEc rankings"
  • Collaborative Research Center 649 Conference, 07 – 09.07.2016, Motzen (DE): "Evaluation of research performance of the Collaborative research center 649"
  • Berlin – Stettin Workshop "Financial Application of Advanced Statistical Methods", 28 – 30.07.2015, Oberbarnim (DE): "A comparison of academic ranking scales"
  • Collaborative Research Center 649 Conference, 28 – 30.07.2015, Motzen (DE): "A comparison of academic ranking scales"
  • Haindorf Seminar, 27. – 31.01.2015, Hejnice (CZ): "Academic rankings with Handelsblatt, Google Scholar and RePEc"



  • Chaikovskaya M and Zharova A (2013) Practicum in modelling of enterprises activity, Odessa, Ukraine. ISBN 978-617-689-058-4. [In Ukrainian]
Discussion Papers
Articles in Proceedings or Equivalent Publications
  • Chaikovskaya M, Zharova A (2013) Methodological problems of IT Project Management in Agent-Dynamic Simulation. Research Journal of ONEU "Economics, political science, history", Odessa, 23 (202), P.12-19. [In Russian]
  • Zharova A (2013) Agent-Dynamic Approach in Management of Enterprises Activity. // In Proceedings of the IV International Scientific Conference Information Technology and Modelling in Economics, Cherkassy. – P.76-77. [In Russian]
  • Chaikovskaya M, Zharova A (2013) Perspectives of Application of Agent-based Modeling in the Management of IT-Projects. Theoretical and methodological basis of research of the formation of sustainable development of socio-economic system in terms of integration and globalization. - Monograph / edited by I. Shvets. - Simferopol: DIAYPI. – P.246-257. [In Ukrainian]
  • Chaikovskaya M, Zharova A (2013) Development of Methodology of Agent-Dynamic Modeling. Research Journal of MGU. Series "Economics and Management", Odessa. – P.58-63. [In Russian]
  • Zharova A (2012) The practical methods of integration of system dynamics and agent-based modeling.XXXV International Research and Practice Conference "Solution of a social requirements and objective reality issues in economical and juridical sciences" and the Third stage of Research Analytics Championship. 2012. – P.37-38. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18007/gisap:ejm.v0i1.503 Awarded Diploma for the 1st Place.
  • Zharova A (2012) Application of the method of abstraction through the relation of equivalence to the definition of an “agent”. In Research Journal "The Today's Economy: Issues and Perspectives", №1, Dnepropetrovsk. - P.101-116. [In Russian]
  • Zharova A (2012) The identification of the term "agent" for agent-based modeling with the help of abstraction through the relation of equivalence. In Proceedings of All-Ukrainian scientific and methodological conference “Problems of Economic Cybernetics”. Odessa, Ukraine. September, 2012. – P. 23-24. [In Russian]
  • Zharova A (2012) Agent-Dynamic Modeling as an Approach of Simulation. In Proceedings of the 18th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual problems of economics and law”. London, UK. February, 2012. – P.36-37. [In Russian]
  • Zharova A (2011) Estimation of Efficiency of Marketing Management using Forecasting Models. In Proceedings of the 12th Annual Interuniversity Students` Theoretical and Practical Conference “Modern Management: Models, Strategies, Technologies”. Odessa, Ukraine, April 21, 2011.  – P.288-289. [In Russian] Awarded Diploma of the 1st Degree
  • Zharova A (2010) Strategic Human Resources Management as a Factor of Effective Business Activity of Companies of Tourism Sector. In Proceedings of the 11th Annual Interuniversity Students` Theoretical and Practical Conference “Modern Management: Models, Strategies, Technologies”. Odessa, Ukraine, April 22, 2010. – P.121-122. [In Russian]  Awarded Diploma for the 1st Place
  • Zharova A (2010) The Role of Top-Management in Providing of Effective Human Resource Management in Travel Company. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Theoretical and Practical Student`s and Young Researchers` Conference “Economics. Management and Marketing of non-production areas: Theory, Practice and Perspectives”. Yalta, Ukraine, April 2010. – P.108-111. [In Russian]
  • Zharova A (2009) The Strategy of Customer-Orientation in Marketing Activity. In Proceedings of the International Theoretical and Practical Conference “Problems and Perspectives of socio-economic Development of Ukraine. – Т. V. – Simferopol, Ukraine, April 15, 2009. – Р.48-50. [In Russian]


Awards and Grants

  • German sports badge in gold awarded by the German Olympic Sports Confederation
  • Grant of Erasmus Mundus BMU-MID for 6 months exchange mobility at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (9000 €)
  • Winner of the II. stage of All-Ukrainian student olympiad in "Management of organizations" in the nomination "Manager-Innovator".
  • Gold Medal for High Performance at High School


Last update: 05.01.2018