Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Statistik

Chair of Statistics - Teaching (Summer term 2006)

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Term Course Place Time Module(s)
SS06 Statistik I UL6, Audimax Fr 10-12 Statistik 1 + Statistik 2 (BA)
  Computer-aided Statistics II SPA1, 025 Th 14-17 Applied Statistics (BA)
  Privatissimum Statistik SPA1, 401 Mo 10-12 Privatissimum Statistik (BA/MA)
  XploRe Introductory Course     Multivariate Statistical Analysis (BA/MA)
  Multivariate Statistical Analysis II SPA1, 203 Th 8-10 Advanced Statistics (MA)
  Non- and Semiparametric Modelling II SPA1, 203 Th 10-12 Advanced Statistics (MA)
  Verallgemeinerte lineare Modelle ALEX5, 11.31A Tu 9-12 Advanced Statistics (MA)
  Applied Quantitative Methods GS7, 112 We 8-10 Advanced Statistics (MA)
  Statistics of Financial Markets II SPA1, 203 Mo 16-18 Statistics of Financial Markets (MA)
  Advanced Methods in Quantitative Finance     Statistics and Finance (MA/PhD)
  Mathematical Statistics     Statistics and Finance (MA/PhD)
  Quantitative Finance     Statistics and Finance (MA/PhD)