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Disterer, Georg:

Studienarbeiten schreiben


2007, Springer-Verlag Berlin; (4. Auflage)



Dunn, Dana S.; Smith, Randolph A.; Beins, Bernard C.:

Best Practices for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences


2007 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc; (1. Auflage)



Gorban, Alexander N.; Kégl, Balázs; Wunsch, Donald C.; Zinovyev, Andrei:

Principal Manifolds for Data Visualization and Dimension Reduction


2007, Springer, Berlin; (1. Auflage)



Singleton, Kenneth J.:

Empirical Dynamic Asset Pricing


2006, University Presses of Ca; (1. Auflage)



Wu, Hulin; Zhang, Jin-Ting:

Nonparametric Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Analysis


2006, Wiley & Sons; (1. Auflage)





Computational Statistics

(Physica-Verlag); Volume 23, Issue 3

Contents:    - A filtered polynomial approach to density estimation (Heinzmann)

                    - Bayesian modeling of continuously marked spatial point patterns (Bognar)

                    - Comparison of presmoothing methods in kernel density (Jácome et al.)

                    - Classification trees for ordinal variables (Picarreta)

                    - Goodness-of-fit tests based on  a robust measure of skewness (Brys et al.)

                    - Two noniterative algorithms for computing posteriors (Yang et al.)


Computational Statistics and Data Analysis;

Volume 52, Issue 12

Contents:    - A flexible approach to Bayesian multiple curve fitting (Bots et al.)

                    - Bayesian density estimation using skew student-t-normal mixtures (Cabral et al.)

                    - Robust model selection using fast and robust bootstrap (Salibian-Barrera et al.)

                    - An adjusted boxplot for skewed distributions (Hubert et al.)

                    - Pooled ANOVA (Last et al.)

                    - Maximin D-optimal designs for binary longitudinal responses (Tekle et al.)


Computational Statistics and Data Analysis;

Volume 52, Issue 11

Contents:    - Symbolic Computation of moments of sampling distributions (Nuardo, Guarino, Senato)

                    - Algorithms for additive clustering of rectangular data tables (Depril, Van Mechelen,


                    - How to compare small multivariate samples using nonparametric tests (Bathke, Harrar,


                    - Modelling the US, UK and Japanese unemployment rates (Caporale, Gil-Alana)


German Economic Review

; Volume 9, Issue 3

Contents:    - Is the Relation between Inflation and Its Uncertainty Linear (Karanasos; Schurer)

                    - Transferable Ageing Provisions in Individual Health Insurance Contracts (Baumann;

                      Meier; Werding)

                    - Transatlantic Differences in Labour Markets (Puhani)

                    - Subsidizing Technological Innovations in the Presence of R&D Spillovers (Helm;


                    - How do Banks determine Capital? Evidence from Germany (Kleff; Weber)

                    - On the Competition of Asymmetric Agents (Harbring; Lünser)


Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik

; Band 9, Heft 3

Inhalt:          Schwerpunkt: Forschungsrankings

                    - Das Handelsblatt Ökonomen-Ranking 2008 (Hofmeister; Ursprung)

                    - Eine invariate Bewertung wirtschaftswiss. Fachzeitschriften (Ritzberger)

                    - Zeitschriftenrankings für die Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Schulze et al.)

                    - Deutsche Hochschulkarrieren im Fach VWL - deskr. Analyse (Kaiser)

                    - Ein Unmöglichkeitstheorem für die Klimapolitik? (Endres)


Statistics - A journal of theoretical and applied statistics

; Volume 42, Number 5

Contents:     - Autoregressive models with short-tailed symmetric distributions (Akkaya et al.)

                    - Unbiases estimation of P(X>Y) using ranked set sample data (Sengupta et al.)

                    - Option pricing for infinite variance data (Ishwaran et al.)

                    - Validity test using the stochastic EM algorithm (Polymenis)

                    - Smoothing fertility trends in agricultural field experiments (Taye, Njuho)