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Admission procedure

On this page we will explain to you how to apply for an exchange semester at the School of Business and Economics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

The first step is for you to get accepted for spending your academic exchange period in our school. You need to make sure that you have applied on time for an exchange semester in your home institution. After the outgoing team at the international department of your home institution has accepted your application and granted you your wish, you still need to wait for them to officially submit your nomination to us.

We shall receive your nomination no later than May for Fall Semester and no later than November for the Spring Semester.

After we have received your nomination for an exchange semester in our school, we will get in contact with you and email you instructions about how to further proceed.

Your registration as an exchange student is done in the application portal: Moveon. You will be asked to fill out your personal details and upload a proof a language proficiency. You can also apply for a student dorm. After we have confirmed your application, you will be registered as an exchange student at Humboldt!

  • Registration period for Fall Semester: April 15 – May 15
  • Registration period for the Spring Semester: October 15 – November 15


I have successfully registered myself as an exchange student, what next?
Your last step is to register or enroll (“immatrikuliert”) for the upcoming semester and obtain your “Semesterticket”, which is your student ID and your pass for public transportation for the Berlin greater area. All in good time. After we accepted your application as an exchange student, the central incoming team at HU will send you an "info package" and instruct you how to enroll at the University.
Do I pay any fees as an exchange student?
Yes, you are requested to pay fees as an exchange student, however, there are no tuition fees at the HU. As a HU student, you will have to pay a semester fee of around €250. These amounts are subject to change (slightly). Check your admission/confirmation letter for the exact amount. The fee is split up to several separate amounts. The biggest chunk goes towards the Semester ticket (~€190). The semester ticket is a seasonal student ticket for public transport in Berlin. Every HU student is required to purchase the ticket each semester, which provides freedom of travel for the whole semester (i.e. for six months) on the U-Bahn, the S-Bahn, buses, trams, and ferry boats throughout Berlin and in Potsdam (fare zones ABC). As an added bonus you can even take your bike along for free in case you don‘t feel like riding after a long day of studying. You also pay ~€10 for the “Studierendenschaft” (student body, in which you are automatically a member. In return, you can elect the student parliament and take advantage of the student counseling services offered by “StuPa/RefRat”. Another part of the fee is for the “Studentenwerk” (~€50). All students in Berlin are required to pay a fee for the services of the student welfare organization, which is responsible for student dining facilities (“Mensa”) at the universities in Berlin as well as for the dormitories (“Wohnheime”). In addition, the “Studentenwerk” runs a number of counseling services. Degree students pay an additional amount of ~€50 as administrative fees (you don´t).The total amount of the fees has to be paid to the account of HU. The account details can be found on the website of the university and should also be mentioned on your acceptance letter. You may pay via bank transfer or with cash at the “Kasse” (rooms 1003 – 1006). Do not forget that you need a receipt for the payment. This should preferably be in German or English but may also be in your own language as long as it clearly states that you have paid the right amount to the Humboldt bank account. You will need to present this confirmation
at your enrollment.
Nomination, Application, Admission, Registration, Enrollement: I don´t really underand it
And we won´t blame you! Therefore we want to clear up those words and what they entail in order to prevent any confusion. As already mentioned, you first need to get admitted as an exchange student at the School of Business and Economics. You can only apply for an exchange semester after your home insitution submitted your nomination to us. So far so good? You will then register in our online application portal (Moveon) and await further instructions. Prior to the start of the lecture period you will enroll at Humboldt, which means that you will receive your credentials as a student at Humboldt and your "Semesterticket". This procedure is called "Immatrikulation" in German. You will have to register for exams six weeks after the start of the lecture period. Please keep in mind that you might have to enroll for seminars and other type of classes (such as language classes from the language center) prior to the start of the semester. Finally, you must also register yourself at the communal registry office ("Meldebehörde") as a newcomer in Berlin after you found a place to live. You are still confused? Just send us an email.
Any questions?

Mickaël Maillé

Head of International Office

School of Business and Economics