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Course selection

You are a (prospective) exchange student and you are trying to figure out what courses you are allowed to take during your exchange semester? You are on the right spot!

First of all, you need to understand the course structure in our school. There are two Bachelor programs and six master programs you can choose from. You will find a detailed list of the study programs and courses in our course catalogue.

Courses are organized around three areas: compulsory and core courses, electives and inter-disciplinary courses. Regardless of their major, minor or specialization, regular degree students in our school share a pool of core and elective courses and therefore students from different study programs attend a large share of their classes together. Does it make sense to you?

As an exchange student, you are free to take any course on offer, which meets your personal interests and academic requirements. In other words, you will attend classes with students from all study programs but you are not to concern yourself with the type of courses (compulsory or electives). However, you need to align your choices with the requirements of your own study program. In this respect, we recommend you to come up with a first selection of courses and submit it to the departmental and exchange coordinators in your home institution (Humboldt is your host institution).

This being said, you also need to make sure that you meet the language and academic requirements for each class (in your own interest really).

Most courses are worth 6 credit points (based on the European Credit Transfer System or ECTS).

How can I look up for courses?
You can already browse our course catalogue for each semester. You don´t need any password for it.  You can either download the brochure for one study program in particular and look up for key words or narrow down your search criteria. Please note that the updated catalogue for the Fall Semester becomes available in September and the one for the Spring Semester is published in March. You can also get a good overview of the various subjects and disciplines by consulting the chairs and research groups in our school. You will also find the contact details of the departmental coordinators.
Can I take courses in other faculties and institutes at Humboldt?
Yes, you are allowed to take 1 or 2 courses in other faculties or institutes at Humboldt on the condition that you are doing at least 50% of your course load in our school. However, you cannot take it for granted because four parties need to approve your selection of courses outside our school: the teaching professor or departmental coordinator, the exchange coordinator in the other faculty, the departmental or exchange coordinator from your home institution (maybe both) and the exchange coordinator in the school of Business and Economics. For each course you should observe the linguistic and academic requirements. Since the outcome is uncertain, we recommend you to come up with alternative courses either way. Please note that those restrictions do not apply to the following entities:  The Welcome center, the Bologna lab, the language center and the career center.
I am a Bachelor student, can I take master courses?
In principle, Bachelor students are not allowed to take courses from graduate programs. However, professors in our school may let you in their class if both the departmental and exchange coordinators from your home institution support your claim; that is if there are enough spots available. We wouldn´t want to keep your hopes high as it is a tedious procedure and it could lead to a rejection. In any case, you will have to demonstrate C1 proficiency in English (see language requirements for master students).
How do I transfer the credits I earned during my exchange semester?
At the end of your exchange semester the examination office of our school will issue your transcript and send the transcript to you. All your grades will appear on your transcript. With your transcript in hands, you will ask for a transfer of “experience” and credit points.
When do I enroll for classes and exams?
You do not need to register for lectures and tutorials, which take place in the school of Business and Economics. At the beginning of each semester, regular degree students and exchange students alike will attend all the introductory sessions for courses they envisage taking. The “add and drop” period lasts three weeks.  Six weeks after you have started your lectures you will have to register for exams.
Course registration - exceptions
You will have to enroll for seminars before the exam registration period, sometimes as early as a few weeks prior to the start of the lecture period. There is a limited number of spots for each seminar. In most instances it suffices to send an email to the professor in charge of the course. Still you should look for instructions in the course description on Agnes. Also be aware that different application procedures possibly apply in other faculties and institutes at Humboldt. You also need to register separately for languages classes at the language center or modules at the career center.

Any questions?

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