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Cooperation Agreements

The School of Business and Economics offers several strategic global partners on the faculty level. Faculty level contracts allow for the flexibility and strategic coordination necessary in order to maintain the highest standards of teaching and research, to keep us up to speed with academic trends, and to share and create innovations with one another. Each of the agreements represents an outstanding opportunity for staff or students to grow and learn through contact with international colleagues.


These agreements can stipulate student exchange. The exchange programs allow our students to experience learning at prestigious universities abroad and also allow international students to engage in short-term study here at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU).


Benefits for Students

  • Study abroad from three to twelve months at one of our partner universities.
  • Exemption from paying tuition fees at host university
  • Academic recognition of your studies abroad
  • Professional and linguistic preparation for the stay abroad and general support from the host institution in the way of housing, cultural activities, etc.
  • Students' Experience Reports can be found here!



You can participate in the cooperation agreements program through the School of Business and Economics if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have completed at least one year at a university before you begin your stay abroad studies (i.e., bachelor students from their third semester and master students from their first semester) or you are enrolled as a Ph.D. student.
  • We require that students who wish to study abroad have very good grades.
  • You are enrolled at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin or have a certificate as a guest auditor.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of the language in which you will be taking courses at your host university. See "Bewerbung" for further details.



To apply for a study abroad period at one of our partner universities, follow the instructions from our webpage: Bewerbung.


Financial Support

As an exchange student from you will receive a tuition waiver from your guest universty. Furthermore, you can apply to of of the many country-specific fundings that are listed here: https://international.hu-berlin.de/de/studierende/ins-ausland/weltweit-uv/finanzierung-1 or here www.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/international/abroad/service/finanzierung


Application Deadline

The announced spots are always for winter and summer term. You already apply for the summer term in December. After that deadline, we will only allocte the remaining spots.

For winter/fall term & spring/summer term: December, 15th


Partner Universities

You can see the list of our partner universities at the page "Partner". All universities outside of Europe are part of our bilateral partnership:



More information about the partner universities can be found in our moodle group:

"Erasmus Outgoings Wiwi"


More Partner Universities (HU-wide exchange programs)

More partner universities for all Humboldt students (not only Wiwis) can be found at: