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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Buddy Program

For the time being our Buddy Program is on hold until students are allowed back into University and can safely meet each other.


The Buddy Program is an opportunity to promote cultural exchange and international understanding. The idea is to match international with local students in groups at the beginning of the semester, and encourage them to meet, laugh, talk, listen, and participate in whatever clubs, teams or activities they wish. By doing this, an important information resource is created for both parties.

Local students are encouraged to help the international students with the questions before their arrival and during their stay in Berlin. It can make a big difference to an international student to be greeted in a new city by a friendly face! Of course, you can decide for yourself how much time to spend with your Buddy group...

We will do our best to find and match buddies with exchange students. Since many of the local students are interested in practicing a foreign language, we try to match according to the language the foreigner speaks. The amount of interaction and support is completely dependent on the interests of all of you.

At the start of every semester the International Office arranges a Big Buddy Meeting for the participants of the program. We will also arrange several other Buddy-Stammtische and activities throughout the semester.

We hope to see you!


► Buddy Program: Local Students

Willst Du neue Kontakte knüpfen und Studierende aus anderen europäischen Ländern kennenlernen? Und diese gleichzeitig bei ihrem Studium im Ausland als direkter Ansprechpartner unterstützen? Dann bist Du beim Buddy-Programm der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der HU genau richtig. Wir geben dir die Chance, für ein oder zwei Semester einen internationalen Studierenden als Local Buddy zu betreuen.

Melde dich hier and erfahre mehr über unser Buddy Programm!


► Buddy Program: International Exchange Students

The Buddy Program will give you the opportunity to meet and build real friendships with German students. The experience will be enhanced by Buddy Program activities such as Stammtische, info sessions, volunteering, parties and more!

Register here to take part in the Buddy Program as an Erasmus or international student!


► Refugees Welcome Mentoring Program

The Wiwi Welcome Initiative has launched a Mentoring Program for Refugees to help the prospective students getting started in their student life, and to support them with social and academic matters. If you have any questions about the program, write an e-mail to wiwi-welcome@hu-berlin.de. In a regularly basis the Initiative organizes Mentoring Events. If you are interested in taking part in the Mentoring Program, please sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/9JtNUhBqGL or find further information here!


► MEMS Godparent Program

As it is tradition in MEMS (Master's Program in Economics and Management Science), once you are turning into a sophomore, you will be given the honor to become a Godparent! This is an automatic setup: every new MEMS student will automatically be paired with a godparent and every 2nd year MEMS student will pass on the help they received themselves previously.

Students from other degree programs will have the opportunity to join all of other the mentoring programs described below! For questions, please contact mems@hu-berlin.de.


► Other Mentoring Programs at Humboldt-Universität

If you are an international degree student, you will find help with one of the programs listed here:

These programs are constantly looking for HU students to participate. If you are interested in guiding a new international student through their first days in Berlin, just contact the program coordinators!



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