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Buddy Program for International Students

What is the Buddy Program?

Exchange students at HU and the local HU students can spend an entire semester sitting next to each other without ever noticing the extraordinary chance of making an international contact. The goal of the Buddy Program is to avoid this situation and create the opportunity for our foreign exchange students to get in touch with their fellow German students.

The Buddy Program is designed to match you with HU students currently studying at the School of Business and Economics and other international students. Your Buddy will be there to help you with all the challenges that living in a foreign country poses, from information on how to find a flat to helping you with your course selection. There is no better way of finding your way around a new place than the first-hand information of those who faced the same problems when they came to Berlin.


What else does it provide for me?

Besides the above stated help with getting started in Berlin, the Buddy Program also offers an amazing opportunity to meet new people from in Berlin and also from other parts of the world. It will be a perfect chance to improve your German and maybe your Buddy will even visit you during his/her own Erasmus stay.

There will be regular events, like our monthly Stammtisch and the Big Buddy Meeting in the beginning of each semester. Past events include visits to sports games, concerts, paintball, and more! It’s a great way of getting to know the German way of life from an insider’s perspective.


What will I have to do?

There are absolutely no requirements for you, except maybe a general open-mindedness towards meeting new people. Not even knowledge of German is needed, but then again you might learn it through your Buddy.

We will then match you with your Buddy-Crew in August (for the winter term) and in March (for the spring term).

You will receive an e-mail with the contact details of your Buddy-Crew about two months before the start of the semester. From then on it will be in your hands to contact and get to know each other.

After your arrival in Berlin, we will have a big Buddy Meeting in the first week of the semester. Obviously, you are totally free to meet up at any time outside of our organized events and it would be an added bonus for both of you if you manage to meet at some point between your arrival and the Buddy Meeting.

Register via this Google Doc:


We are looking forward having you in our Buddy Program!