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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Contacting us

Office hours for all students (over the phone)


Weekly on Tuesday : 9 - 12 AM & 1 - 3 PM

Weekly on Thursday: 9 - 12 AM & 1 - 3 PM


No office hours on 27.10 & 29.10

Please send an email and we will arrange a video call


Team International Office and contact details


Alyson Lamar


Dr. Anja Schwerk

Head of Study and International Affairs

You may speak with her in German or in English.








Tel.: +49 30 2093 99518




Alyson Lamar

Mickaël Maillé

Head of International Office

I started in March 2018 as head of the international office at the Faculty of Economics and Business. I first came to Berlin as an exchange student from Paris in 2008 and made Berlin my home ever since. I have had extensive experience in organizing cross-cultural and training programs. My work and studies in the field of languages and European affairs led me to live in five European countries. I am passionate about fostering academic mobility as I strongly believe that students and society benefit immensely from it. While studying abroad you are not only traveling to a foreign city, you are also navigating through an unfamiliar education system, opening yourself to strangers and foreign ideas, building a valuable network and leaving traces of your passage in others.

Our job is to accompany you in this endeavor in the best of our abilities.

I speak German, English, French and Italian.


Tel.: +49 30 2093 99504



Julina Hägewald

Tutor for Outgoing Exchange Students

Julina joined our team in July 2019 and is currently studying Business Administration at Humboldt University. Previously she studied Cultural Science at European University. As she went to the European University she has gained experience by Erasmus students and going abroad. She is more than willing to impart her knowledge by supporting the outgoing students. She can answer your questions and is willing to resolve any concerns you may have about studying abroad. You can speak to Julina in German or English.




Tel.: +49 30 2093 99514


So Jung Lee

Information Tutor for International Students


So Jung started working for the International Office in September 2018. She is currently studying Economics at Humboldt University. As she went to an international school she has been part of intercultural interactions since then and is more than willing to continue the cultural experience by supporting the exchange students. She can answer your questions about the school system as well as housing etc.                                                  You can talk to So Jung in English, German, or Korean.


Incoming- Exchange Students

Tel.: +49 30 2093 99515



Peiqi Zhu

Information Tutor for MEMS and Degree Students


Peiqi started working for the International Office in August 2018. She is currently studying at Humboldt University.  She can answer your questions about the MEMS and the school system. You can talk to Peiqi in English, German, or Chinese.

Weekly Zoom hour:                                                              Wed. from 12-14 PM (No registration required)                    https://hu-berlin.zoom.us/j/65664249048
Meeting ID: 656 6424 9048


Tel.: +49 30 2093 99516


Luise Wittich

AIESEC responsible for internships abroad

Vice President Outgoing Global Talent

I am an economics and engineering student working for the non profit international student organisation AIESEC in the Berlin TU team. We believe that intercultural exchange is the key to building a better future. If you are interested in doing an internship abroad and gaining international professional working experience you can contact me in German or in English and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.



Tel.: +49 1590 178 3250




Jayani Thalagala

AIESEC Vice President Marketing

I am Jayani Thalagala, Vice President in Marketing of AIESEC Berlin HU. We believe every young person should gain experience in volunteering. That is why we support young people to discover themselves while contributing to change in the world.





Tel.: +49 1522 6159332





The School of Business and Economics

Postal Address

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
International Office
Unter den Linden 6
D-10099 Berlin


Faculty building




Public Transport


S-Bahn (S3, S5, S7, S75)

Station "Hackescher Markt"


Subway (U2, U5, U8)

Station "Alexanderplatz"
5 - 10 minutes by foot


Streetcar (M4, M5, M6)

Station "S-Bahnhof Hackescher Markt"


Bus (100, 200, M48, TXL)

Stop "Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse/Spandauer Strasse"


By Car

When traveling by car, please keep in mind that the building is located in the parking region dedicated to the old city center. The faculty does not own a parking lot.


By Bike

The route planner "Berlin-By-Bike" (BBBike) is specialized on Berlin’s bike paths. According to your needs, only the most beautiful paths with lots of greenery and good road surfaces can be selected, for example. The cycle route planner Naviki.org also provides a usefull app for your smartphone.


Team International

Former Staff Members


Peiqi Zhu , Team MEMS (2019-2020)

Sevinc Bahcivan, Team Refugees Welcome and Team Erasmus (2019-2020)

Fatbardh Kqiku, Team Refugees Welcome and Team Erasmus (2018-2019)

Julia Brauer, Team Erasmus (2018-2019)

Daniel Kraker von Schwarzenfeld, Team Refugees Welcome and MEMS (2017-2018)

Kathrin Noureddine, Team Refugees Welcome (2016-2018)

Spencer Arney, Team MEMS (2017-2018)

Elisa Németh, Team Erasmus (2017-18)

Maja Riesch, Team Erasmus (2016-18)

Jana Gundlach, Team MEMS (2016-17)

Jana Schmidt, Team Erasmus (2016-17)

Antonius Scherer, Team Refugees Welcome (2016-17)

Esra Ünlütürk, Team Refugees Welcome (2016)

Sebastian Stirnkorb, Team MEMS (2015-16)

Florian Knobloch, Team MEMS (2015-16)

Theresa Doll, Team Erasmus (2015-16)

Michelle Harnish, Team Refugees Welcome (2016)

Julian Kortendieck, Team Refugees Welcome (2016)

Jessica Carniero Lozano (2016), Intern Team Erasmus and MEMS

Claire Treinen (2014-2015), Team Erasmus

Mihals Sapovalovs (2012-2015), Team MEMS

Lyubomir Danov (2015), Team MEMS

Hitesh Kar (2014-2015), Team MEMS

Luise Schramm (2015), Team Erasmus

Mauricio Salgado Moreno (2014), Team Erasmus

Johanna Braun (2013-2014), Team MEMS

Frederik Kraft (2013-2014), Team Erasmus

Marielle MacMinn (2012-2013), Team MEMS

Stefan Paland (2011-2013), Team Erasmus

Mana Taheri (2012-2013), Team MEMS

Kay Neufeld (2012-2013), Team Erasmus

Johanna Braun (2011-2012), Team Erasmus

Ryan Weldzius (2011-2012), Team MEMS

Katja Ushakova (2010-2012), Team MEMS

Kim Ma (2010-2012), Team MEMS

Ariane Wolf (2011-2012), Team MEMS

João Farinha (2010-2011), Team Erasmus

Robbie Cameron (2009-2011), Team MEMS

Julia Hennings (2009-2010), Team Erasmus

Na Mi Nguyen (2009-2010), Team Erasmus

Sneha Gurjar (2008-2010), Team MEMS

Razvan Sebe (2007-2010), Team MEMS

Chris Münster (2008-2009), Team Erasmus

Banu Özer (2007-2009), Team MEMS

Julian Matthes (2006-2007), Team Erasmus

Mandy Käding (2003-2005), Team Erasmus


Founders and former
Heads of the International Office

Eva Beermann

Maggie McMenamy