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M.Sc. Jana Luisa Diels



Diels, Jana Luisa, Wiebach, Nicole & Hildebrandt, Lutz (2013), "The Impact of Promotions on Consumer Choices and Preferences in Out-of-Stock Situations", Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (Vol.20 (6), pp. 587-598).


Diels, Jana Luisa and Müller, Holger (2013), "Revisiting Tversky's trail-How money makes a subtle difference in similarity effect experiments", Psychology & Marketing (Volume 30 (6), pp. 501-511).


Working Paper


Diels, Jana Luisa and Wiebach, Nicole (2011), “Customer Reactions in Out-of-Stock Situations – Do promotion-induced phantom positions alleviate the similarity substitution hypothesis?", SFB 649
Discussion Paper 2011-021, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.{C}

Diels, Jana Luisa and Wiebach, Nicole (2011), "The impact of context and promotion on consumer responses and preferences in out-of-stock situations", SFB Discussion Paper 2011-050, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.