Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

OR Spektrum: Marketing & OR

Lutz Hildebrandt & Udo Wagner


  • Marketing and Operations Research - a literature survey
  • Optimal allocation of profit across companies operating with a joint salesforce
  • Optimal conditions for sales forces equitable compensation
  • Application of connectionistic models for the evaluation of market structures
  • Conjoint-based Product Design under competitive reactions
  • Remarks on the behavioristic analysis of competitive reactions
  • The analysis of rank ordered preference data based on Bradley-Terry Type Models


  • Einflussgrößen von regulären Preiselastizitäten, Preisaktionselastizitäten und Kreuzpreiselastizitäten
  • Examining the interaction of marketing and financing decisions in a dynamic environment
  • Eine Simultananalyse zur Beurteilung von Markeninvestitionen

OR Spektrum