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is a collection of python/Julia/R libraries for decentralized energy system stochastic modelling that are open source licenced.


It compromises novel mathematical computer tools for weakly coupled under-the-grid-mini-grids and off-grid-mini-grids:

  1. Rural Electricity Demand Forecasting
  2. Technical Design
  3. Operation and Maintenance
  4. Financial Modelling-Tariff/Subsidy Tool


Using Chance Constraints, Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming Recourse and hybrid classical time series analysis with machine learning algorithms.


Articles for this project:

González Grandón, T, de Cuadra García F, Pérez-Arriaga I. A Market-Driven Management Model for Renewable-Powered Undergrid Mini-Grids. Energies. 2021; 14(23):7881.


Master thesis for this project:

Coming soon


We are involved in research for rural and urban decentralized electrification in the Global South. We strive to understand the economic, commercial, political and social implications behind mini-grids design and development.


Research Group Leader:
Dr. Tatiana González Grandón
Email: tatiana.grandon (at)

PhD candidate:
Nesrine Ouanes
Email: nesrine.ouanes (at)

Research Assistant:
Hsin-Yi Huang
Email: hsin-yi.huang (at)


autarky-energy.wiwi (at)