Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - School of Business and Economics


Those are the exchange programs available via the School of Business and Economics:

  1. Erasmus+ Program
  2. Swiss Mobility Program and Think Business Programm
  3. Faculty Agreements (direct bilateral agreements with universities outside the erasmus program)


University wide agreements - apply via the central international office at Humboldt

  • from October 15th to November 15th (once a year only)
  • you will apply for the following academic year (not the current one)
  • University Partnerships


First round of application of the international office at WIWI

  • from November 1st to December 31st (every year)
  • you will apply for either (or both) the Fall and Spring Semester of the following academic year
  • we will update the list of spots available every year in October


Second round of application of the international office at WIWI

  • from April 1st to May 31st (every year)
  • you can only apply for the remaining spots and it applies exclusively to the Spring Semester of the following academic year
  • we will update the list of spots available every year in March





  • Before you start applying through our application portal, you should single out the universities you are the most interested in while asking yourself very practical questions. To that effect we have paved the way out for you by producing a list of key points, which should not be overlooked. In other words, we are putting you on the right track!

Check list exchange semester



The Application Process


You application will be conducted via the Online-Platform "MoveOn". You will log in with your HU-Account details.

You can work on your application as long as you haven´t submitted it into the application system. Do not forget to actually submit your application by December 31st / May 31st or we will not process it.

Please click on the application link below:


Link to apply (MoveOn)


Please note: applicants who wish to study abroad for two subsequent semesters at different partner universities need to fill in a separate application for each semester. For the application for the second semester, please use the following link:

Application for 2nd Semester at a second Partner University


1. Online-Application via MoveOn

Link to apply online: see top

Please upload the following documents in MoveOn before sending your application.

2. Motivation

You are free to write either in English or German.

You are not required to upload a letter of motivation. However, you will fill out a statement of motivation in your online application form. It is divided into 3 parts and should not exceed 600 words in total. You will explain how your choice of universties will influence your academic and career path and what is your personal connection to the respective destinations. You will also state what courses you intend on taking while abroad. In other words, we expect you to state the reasons why you would like to study abroad in this specific university, city and country.

3. Transcript of records and/or degree certificate

Please upload a scan of your official transcript of records with your application (signed and stamped by the examination office). We cannot accept a simple printout from your agnes account.

We accept no applications with a grade above 2.9

Graduate students in their first semster of Masters' studies only: please upload a scan of your final Bachelor degree certificate. If you haven't obtained any grades at HU so far, you do not need to upload an empty transcript.

4. CV

Your CV should contain all relevant information (studies and work experience, previous stays abroad, language skills, etc.), similar to a job application.

5. Language requirements


Download - List of language certificates we accept


All applicants are required to demonstrate a proficiency of English at a B2 level according to the common European framework of reference for languages. Please be aware that the universities you are targeting may be more demanding even.

You shall also upload a proof of proficiency in the national or local language (starting at a B1 level), you will be allotted bonus points in our ranking system and this might just tip up the scale for you. Please not that some of our partners require of you to master the local language along with English.

Make sure that you fulfil all the proficiency requirements in both / either English and the local language before applying for any given exchange destination or else we will reject your application.

Please note:

  • Internships or leisure trips abroad as well as summer programs are no valid proof of your language skills. We do not consider language courses, which are not completed by the time of the submission of your application.
  • Some of our partners may require you an additional proof of proficiency from you by the time your registration as an exchange student. The certificate of “Abitur” is usually not accepted as a proof of proficiency from them.
  • You may schedule a language test at the language center of the Humboldt University, it lasts about 1h and costs 20/40€. You need to make certain that you will receive the test results by January 15th the latest or else we will not consider your application.

6. Passport/ID and Student ID

Please upload a copy of your Passport/national ID card and your student ID. If you are a student of another Berlin University please provide proof that you are an occasional student at HU Berlin.



Application as a student from another HU Department

It is possible to apply for one of our partner universities if you are studying at another department at HU. However, please note that our exchange agreements for the most part include only courses in Business Studies and Ecomincs. It is not sure whether you would be allowed to take courses from other departments at the host university.


Application as a student from another Berlin University

It is possible to apply for one of our exchange spots if you are currently not studying at HU. In order to be eligible, please provide proof that you are registered at HU as an occasional student in the semester in which you are applying. You also need to provide a confirmation by your home university that courses you will take abroad can be transfered to your study program.


What are my chances?

We cannot estimate your chances to receive the desired exchange spot before we have reviewed all the applications. Whether you receive a spot really depends on the quality of your application and the number of applications for the relevant spots. We usually have enough spots for the number of applications we receive. If your application comes in time, is complete and fulfills the requirements, we will be able to offer you a spot. We are not able to tell you beforehand whether it will be your first choice, however.


Our ranking system


Our ranking is based on the following criteria:


  • quantitative elements (grades, credits obtained in relation to number of semesters, relevant languages skills)
  • qualitative elements (motivation, formal criteria)


We take into consideration the following criteria:


1. Motivation

2. Language Skills

  • English: we require a minimum B2 level of English. However, please check the university's requirement as it can more demanding.
  • The national or local language (other than than English): we will allotte bonus points for mastering it as it is not compulsory for most destinations- starting at a B1 level.

3. Grades

  • Current grade (according to official transcript)
  • We accept no applications with a grade above 2.9
  • For graduate students in their first semster of Masters' studies: final Bachelor grade

4. Credits obtained in relation to number of semesters

Note to Bachelor students: you are not permitted to apply for an exchange semester before entering your 3rnd Semester at Humboldt and you have already earned minimum 30 ECTS credits! In other words: no application accepted from Bachelor students in their first or second semester. No exceptions are made.

5. Formal Criteria (all required documents uploaded etc.)


The distribution of points is as following (220 points in total):


  1. Academic performance: 0 - 120 points
  2. Motivation: 0 - 50 points
  3. Language skills - Englisch: 12 - 25 points
  4. Language skills - National or local language (optional): 0 - 25 points


The key dates following my application


January: we evaluate all applications and establish a ranking



  • 1st week: we notify all students whose first choice has been granted (1 week to take on the offer or decline)
  • 3rd week: we notify all remaining students (1 week to take on the offer or decline)
  • 4th week: we email further instructions to all selected students and share the date the upcoming info event, which typically takes place on the week following the start of the summer semester.

March: we nominate all selected students to their respective host universities.

April: the host universities further instruct our nominees how to proceed

Mai: Erasmus outgoing students sign their Grant Agreement