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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Finance Group

Portfolio Management Program


The Portfolio Management Program (PMP) is a two-years program. First-year students act as financial analysts who get to know the portfolio, while supporting the second-year students who act as portfolio managers and are in charge of the actual asset management process. This structure ensures that portfolio decisions are coordinated among analysts and managers, which is crucial to ensure a smooth transition of the portfolios to the next student cohort once per year.


Program Design

The official PMP meetings take place every other Friday and can be categorized as follows:

Introductory Session: The first sessions will be labelled as introductory sessions, where tutors equip the new analysts with all of the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to participate in the PMP.

Manager Meeting: The managers present their current and planned investment positions. Periodically, they present a general market outlook with respect to their portfolio composition.

Analyst Meeting: The analysts present their research on market regions, asset classes or investment strategies that are linked to the current portfolio composition.

Expert Talk: Occasionally, professionals from academia or finance join to share their insights with the PMP students.

Technical Meeting: These meetings involve exercises related to a quantitative topic. Each student group solves a set of empirical asset management problems and presents the findings to their tutors and mentors.


The program begins with a kick-off meeting at the end of October, after which the students are divided into three separate working groups to begin the program.


Who should apply?

A genuine interest in financial markets is required. Students should have a solid theoretical foundation in finance, investing, economics and/or internship or work experience in those areas. Furthermore, some introductory experience with quantitative tools is of advantage. Most practical aspects of portfolio management will be learned during the program.


In addition to the necessary qualifications, candidates should bear in mind that the program can be quite demanding. Students should expect to invest about 6 to 8 hours per week in the PMP. Nevertheless, program participation is creditable as 10 ECTS in “Überfachlicher Wahlbereich ÜWP”.



The PMP Berlin facilities are located at Space Shack, a co-working space in Berlin-Schöneberg founded by ESMT Berlin MBA alumni. Office Space on the top floor of the building, including Bloomberg terminals is dedicated to PMP students for research purposes and is available 24/7.


Once per week, students, tutors and mentors gather there for an informal meeting. Official meetings, where PMP participants present their analyses and performance takes place, takes place every other Friday.


History & Partners

The PMP, estanlished in 2003 by Peter Pühringer, the founder of ZZ Vermögensverwaltung GmbH, in Vienna Austria, is a unique and innovative approach combining financial theory with practical asset management.


Sponsor of the program: P & K Pühringer Gemeinnützige Stiftung


Further information about the program is available in the 10 Jahre Portfolio Management Festschrift (in German).