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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Emmy Noether Research Group

Working Papers

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Assessment and adjustment of approximate inference algorithms using the law of total variance
Yu, X, Nott, DJ, Tran, M, and Klein, N
Bayesian Effect Selection in Structured Additive Distributional Regression Models
Klein, N, Carlan, M, Kneib, T, Lang, S, and Wagner, H
Bayesian Inference for Regression Copulas
Smith, MS and Klein, N
Bayesian Variable Selection for Non-Gaussian Responses: A Marginally Calibrated Copula Approach
Klein, N and Smith, MS
In Search of Lost Edges: A Case Study on Reconstructing Financial Networks
Lebacher, M, Cook, S, Klein, N, and Kauermann, G
Miscellaneous publication.
Marginally-calibrated deep distributional regression
Klein, N, Nott, DJ, and Smith, MS
Multivariate Conditional Transformation Models
Klein, N, Hothorn, T, and Kneib, T
bamlss: A Lego Toolbox for Flexible Bayesian Regression (and Beyond)
Umlauf, N, Klein, N, Simon, T, and Zeileis, A
Miscellaneous publication.