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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - School of Business and Economics

Information about the beginning of your studies

You decided to continue your study at our faculty. We look forward to meeting you and would like to offer you some advance information to make your first weeks at our university a little easier.

The orientation week for Bachelor's and Master's students is mainly offered digitally. The digital offers are partly synchronous (via zoom) and partly asynchronous. All courses of the winter semester 2020/21 are also offered digitally. There are NO classroom courses!


Introduction week events of bachelor's courses in Business Administration and Economics (as mono-bachelor's degree or combined bachelor's degree)

A week before lecture time we hold an ‘Induction week’ (see event dates in German).

Due to the current corona situation, the welcome and information event of the faculty cannot be offered in presence as planned, but will be digital and synchronised via zoom. There are two alternative dates for which registration is possible via a Moodle course (see above schedule).

There will also be a mathematics induction course (digital). The content of this induction course is a prerequisite for the regular mathematics lectures held in the first semester.

Sample timetable for the first semester of the Business Administration and Economics mono-bachelor’s courses (in German)

Sample timetable for minors in Business Administration (combination bachelor)

Sample timetable for minors in Economics (combination bachelor)

The version of sample timetables is preliminary (14.10.2020) and will be supplemented by further digital tutorials/exercises.

Introduction week events of master's courses in Business Administration, Economics and MEMS

To prepare you for the start of your studies, we offer a mathematics and econometrics preparation course (digital) before the start of the lecture period. The welcome and information event of the faculty must also take place digitally (via Zoom). Detailed information can be found in the event schedule.

Possible timetable of first semester in Master's Business Administration
Possible timetable of first semester in Master's Economics
Possible timetable of first semester in Master's MEMS

Information about the MEMS-programme is available via this link.

Start of the lecture time

The lecture time of the winter term 20/21 begins on 02 November 2020 with a convocation day (there are no teaching sessions on that day). Lectures, practical exercises, and tutorials begin on 03 November 2020 accordingly. The winter semester (lectures) ends on 27 February 2021. Afterwards, you should plan on an examination period of approximately two weeks.

You can create an individual schedule via AGNES. Please find registration deadlines for seminars in the course catalogue.


Helpful links:

A checklist for the beginning of studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (in German)

Information about study organization

Study guide of the School of Business and Economics (in German)

Examination Office

Information about exams

Presentation of the International Office on the possibilities of a stay abroad during your studies (Master, in English)

Video and courses of the Career Center of the HU zu Berlin (creditable in the interdisciplinary elective area)

Information service of study/examination office (office hours and information): subscribe / unsubscribe

StuRa Moodle course - Many of you will be wondering what the coming winter semester will look like at our faculty. Register for the StuRa-Moodle course: There you will find the latest changes from the faculty and general information for students. You will also find the access data for our digital meetings and in the different forums you can also put your questions directly to your fellow students and the student council. Click here for the StuRa Moodle course.