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Degree programs

In 2003, the School of Business and Economics decided to implement the Bologna resolution. Its objective is to create a uniform system of higher education in the EU-29 states. In accordance, the School converted the existing diploma system to an new bachelor's and master's course and degree structure. The benefits of the new system are an increased inernationalization, differentiation, and flexibility of the  programs of  study. The implementation was tied to a teaching reform that led to increased practical relevance.
In 2004, the School of Business and Economics introduced new bachelor's degree programs in Business Administration and in Economics. In addition to the international Master's Program in Economics and Management Science, which has existed since 1998, a master's degree program in Information Systems was founded in collaboration with Humboldt's Institute of Computer Science. Additional master's degree programs in Business Administration and Economics will begin in 2007.

The Bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and in Economics train students with knowledge and skills in economic thinking and decision-making. The goal is to enable students to be able to solve economic problems using scientific methods and perceptions. Furthermore, during their studies, students acquire the essential professional key qualifications for a wide and ever-changing career field, and learn how to classify, critically evaluate, and facilitate their acquired knowledge. The master's degree programs mirror these goals on a significantly more demanding and rigorous level. Their goal is to impart students with the necessary skills and knowledge for more advanced positions in the private or public sector as well as for an academic career.

A doctoral program, founded in close cooperation with the Free University Berlin (FU), Technical University Berlin (TU) , and the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), is currently in preparation. Please see www.doctoral-program.de for further information.

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