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Information to Promotions-/ Habilitationsverfahren


Doctoral process

Before you start…:

  • If you should not yet have found a supervisor for your doctoral thesis, please refer to the school`s internet presentation for further information on our faculty and their fields of research.
  • When you have found a faculty member who has agreed to supervise your thesis, please fill out the application for enrolment as doctoral student
  • Please refer to your thesis supervisor for an appropriate specialisation of your doctoral field
  • Please contact the Dean´s office, room 4-6 (tel. 20 93 5674 / 20 93 5673) to hand in your application form (signed by your supervisor) and enclose your certificate and official document of your academic degree (diploma certificate or bachelor / master certificate).
  • The Dean`s office will check your application and you may receive your notification of admission. The date stated on that letter marks the official begin of your doctoral studies.
  • Important: you have to register as doctoral student at the admission`s office:

Abteilung für Angelegenheiten der Studierenden

Unter den Linden 6

(please see § 44 paragraph 2 ASSP for details: “Doctoral students who are not members of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin will be enrolled with the date of their admission. Doctoral students must register with a written application at the admission`s office within one month after the receipt of their notification of admission, otherwise their admission will expire. Doctoral committees are entitled to transmit data to the students`administration