Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series

Equal Opportunities

test.text.image1As an organization with a global reputation for excellence, the International Research Training Group 1792 "High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series" (IRTG 1792) is committed to developing and maintaining an institution where staff and students from all backgrounds can flourish. Our equality objectives reflect how we put that commitment into practice. These equality objectives focus especially on the points of “Family and Research” and “Early career support”.

The IRTG 1792 is dedicated to the principle of gender equality and has set out to counteract the under-representation of women at universities by eliminating structural disadvantages and by fostering equal development. We promote a family-friendly working atmosphere in order to become an attractive employer for female job-seekers.

This webpage aims to provide important information on gender equality and existing opportunities for our researchers. It underlines the importance of equal opportunities, early career support and the compatibility childrenof family and research.