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Event: IRTG 1792 Summer Camp 2018


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The annual IRTG 1792 Summer Camp was held at Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) from the 11.07.2018 - 13.07.2018.


IMG 6534

Most participants were grouping up to go there by bike.


IMG 6538IMG 6539

Just seconds after arriving people started to work ...


IMG 0815

... despite the wonderful view.


IMG 0764

Professor Wolfgang Karl Härdles', speaker of the IRTG 1792, welcomed the participants and opened the conference.


IMG 0775

Anna Zalewska (invited by Dr. Alla Petukhina).


IMG 0783

Prof. Christoph Breunig


IMG 0797Prof. Stephane Bonhomme (invited by Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger) ...

IMG 0804

... and his daughter wanted to do as the father does!


IMG 0810Prof. Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen, mercator fellow of the IRTG 1792, and Prof. Bonhomme in discussion.


IMG 6549Prof. Bonhomme and Prof. Fitzenberger in discussion.


IMG 0812


IMG 0841Johannes Haupt


IMG 0844Awdesch Melzer


IMG 0847Prof. Weining Wang


IMG 0861Prof. Minh-Ngoc Tran


IMG 0871Filippo Pellegrino


IMG 0873Prof. Winkelmann


IMG 0864


IMG 0820


IMG 6547


IMG 0834

The "beach" to get some refreshment from the summers heat.


IMG 6576


IMG 0883

The way back on bike.