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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - High Dimensional Nonstationary Time Series

Gender: HUB & XMU Girls on the Muddy Angel Run





16.06.2019. Ioana Ceausu, Elizaveta Zinovyeva, Lili Matic, Elena Ivanova and Bingling Wang, IRTG 1792 PhD students, as well as Yanfen Zhang, XMU PhD student, teamed up and joined MUDDY ANGEL RUN - EUROPE’S 5K WOMEN-ONLY MUD RUN!, which was funded through IRTG 1792 researchers.



The “Muddy Angel Run” is Europe’s 5 kilometer Mud Run for women of all fitness levels who want to do good while having fun.


Whether running, jogging or walking. Whether young or old, whether a small or large donation: connect with other angels from your friends, colleagues, and family. Get your sisters, your mother, daughters, neighbors, colleagues in your team to have fun and do good!


Worldwide over one million women have participated in Mud Runs against breast cancer. With your participation in the Muddy Angel Run you support this movement and become part of a unique community.