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Participation: WALEX Talent Development Programme STEAM FEAT


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10.07.2019. Bingling Wang and Min-Bin Lin, PhD students of the IRTG 1792, are participating in data science research based on the WALEX Talent Development Programme STEAM FEAT project held by STEAM Fundamental Education Alliance of Taiwan (STEAM FEAT) at the University of California Berkeley.


The project focuses on educating people of all age on how to react to economic events based on an extensively developped backend consisting of a big database network and artificial intelligence event simulator algorithms. 


This year the tournament educated students from 5th to 8th grade on knowledge about resource allocation under risk using the Rainbow Arch, a board game and a novel developed by Dr. Jenher Jeng. The board game contains a set of dominos which correspond to different events that happen on the journey of a jungle adventure in the novel. During the game each student encounters a series of events triggered by her opponent and she needs to decide the allocation of tokens to the five different investment objects that fluctuate as new events occur. The game examines the critical and structural thinking skills of students and tries to cultivate students’ decision making abilities. In the course, the students were also taught about the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and learned Scratch, a block-based visual programming language to assist their decision making.


Our research project incorporated with STEAM FEAT will focus on the three initial directions—To define the complexity of the game, analyse the structure of the dominos, and research the tactics/strategies used by students—in order to provide the insight of this board game and observe student learning behaviours.


As it is already presenting itself as a very succesfull project, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has granted it full support.


This year marks the first to have two events, hosted by STEAM FEAT at the University of California Berkeley and Lawrence Hall of Science, to have primary and high school pupils on the project.


The respective news report can be found here.


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Special thanks to Catherine Khaw (right) for her driving and energetic guidance of this project!
Here with IRTG 1792 PhD student Xinwen NI to her left, overlooking Singapore.


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