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SSRN Top Ten's: FRM Financial Risk Meter


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Wolfgang K. Härdle's, Speaker of the IRTG 1792, Cathy Yi‐Hsuan Chen's, Mercator Fellow of the IRTG 1792, Anrija Mihoci's, Almuni of the LvB Chair of Statistics, and Michael Althof's, PhD student of the IRTG 1792, paper "FRM Financial Risk Meter", was recently listed on: 


15.08.2019. SSRN's Top Ten download lists for: ERN: Systemic Risk (Topic) Top Ten.


07.10.2019. The paper, "FRM FINANCIAL RISK METER", was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: Economics of Networks eJournal Top Ten.


We featured this research outlet previously as IRTG 1792 DP 2019-021 here.