Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Humboldt Graduate School of Business

Course Program of the HGSB

The first-year course program of the Humboldt Graduate School of Business builds on the courses in Microeconomics and Econometrics, which are offered by the Berlin Doctoral Program in Ecmomics and Management Science (BDPEMS). For information about these courses, please refer to the website of BDPEMS (


For the second year, the Humboldt Graduate School of Business offers doctoral-level courses in the areas of accounting, finance and management. Courses are given by internal as well as external faculty. Below you can find the structure of the (planned) course program.



Please note that while the second year course program will start in the summer of 2010, some courses will not be offered until 2011. Please use the links and/or the navigation bar to the right to inform you about the courses which are currently offered. If you are interested in enrolling into one of these courses, please contact the responsible course administrator.