Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Accounting & Finance Fellows

Application for sommer term 2022 Intake


Selection Process


Application to the fellowship program is open to all students from the Faculty of Business and Economics and can be carried out proactively via the program's homepage. The regular intake cycle for new applicants and the extension of existing fellowships is in the beginning of each semester. 

Prospective fellows are requested to show a distinct interest in accounting, finance, and/or taxation topics. In the application process, we are interested in:

  • academic achievements
  • informative letter of motivation
  • Extracurricular activities and social commitment
  • Practical skills (if existent)
  • Other (e.g. language skills, IT, etc.)


Application Procedure


Applicants are requested to hand in a letter of motivation, CV and a transcript of current records (and bachelor's degree certificate if applicable) via our application portal. 

Eligible candidates are invited to personal interviews that take place at the respective institutes. The institutes' professors decide about a candidate's admission to the fellowship program based on information provided in the application documents and based on the candidate's interview performance.


Apply now for summer 2022!

Interested in becoming an Accounting & Finance Fellow? Apply by 30th April 2022 here. Please have the following documents ready:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV (table form)
  • Transcript of current records
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (for master's students)

Please note that the majority of events will be held in German. Thus, a working knowledge of the German language is a prerequisite.